A List Of Final Fantasy Movies

Final Fantasy is a beloved film series that has been around since 1987. The franchise has released several film adaptations of the popular video games, and viewers are always excited to catch up with the latest release. This article will provide an overview of all the Final Fantasy movies so far and the unique elements that make them the fan-favourite they are.

Storylines Focused on Character Development

The entries in the Final Fantasy movie series are often focused on the main characters’ journeys and how they develop over the course of the story. This is one of the main attractions of the series, as viewers can observe and empathize with these characters’ struggles and successes. Furthermore, each movie also provides a unique perspective on life and the world, often with a hint of optimism behind it. This makes the stories in Final Fantasy movies some of the most emotional and touching ones ever seen in the genre.

Iconic Animation

The realism in the animation of Final Fantasy movies is also one of the main attractions for viewers. From the detailed backgrounds and landscapes to the smooth character movement and realistic facial expressions, everything about the animation of the series captures the viewers’ imaginations. Even the battle scenes are incredibly dynamic and tense, capturing the intensity and thrill of real-life combat sequences. Combined with the stellar voice acting, the animation of Final Fantasy movies makes them truly iconic.

Music That Inspires

Apart from the visuals, the audio of Final Fantasy movies is also something special. For one thing, the soundtracks of the movie series are often some of the most iconic of all-time. Who can forget the hauntingly beautiful themes like ‘To Zanarkand’ or the stirring battle themes ‘Fight On!’ and ‘Liberi Fatali’? The various musical motifs are wonderfully crafted and will always stay in viewers’ minds long after they finish watching the movies.

Pursuit of Perfection

The makers of the Final Fantasy movies have never ceased in their pursuit of perfection. From Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within to Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the series always delivers highly polished visuals and breathtaking scenes. Above all, Final Fantasy movies always strive to tell stories that leave lasting impressions on the viewers. For this reason, the series has achieved a cult status among fans, who have been hoping and waiting for the makers to release a new movie for years.

‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’

One of the most iconic entries in the Final Fantasy movie series is Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Equally impressive in its animation and storyline, the movie continues the story of the classic Final Fantasy VII game, focusing on Cloud Strife and his journey of redemption. The movie also provides some interesting perspectives on friendship, loyalty and heroism, all the while providing stunning visuals and intense action sequences.

‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’

Another highly acclaimed entry in the Final Fantasy movie series is Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Released in 2001, the movie was the first ever 3D rendered animated film to be released in the United States. More importantly, the movie blended stunning visuals with a gripping story of a group of scientists struggling against an alien race known as the Phantoms. The movie ultimately became the most expensive video game movie of all-time, and its success allowed the makers to continue producing more movies in the future.

‘Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV’

The latest entry in the Final Fantasy movie series is Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. This 2016 movie tells the story of the crown prince Noctis and his struggle against the rebel army of King Regis. The movie is incredibly well-made, blending intense action sequences with a gripping storyline. Furthermore, the performances by the actors – especially the strong performances by Lena Headey and Sean Bean – help make the movie something truly special.

‘Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of the Future’

Released recently in 2021, Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of the Future is a direct sequel to Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. This movie continues the story of Noctis and his struggle against the Niflheim Empire, and viewers can expect more of the dynamic action, gripping narrative and stunning visuals that the series is known for. In addition, the movie also provides insight into the unique cultures of the world of Final Fantasy and how they interact with each other, creating an even richer experience.

‘Final Fantasy: Unlimited’

Another beloved entry in the series is Final Fantasy: Unlimited. This 2001 sci-fi fantasy movie tells the story of twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa, and their journey to the magical world of Wonderland. Along the way, they make some strange allies, notably bad-girl Lisa Pacifist and giant Moogle Kupo. The movie also introduces viewers to many of the classic Final Fantasy monsters and characters, allowing them to better explore the world and lore of Final Fantasy.

‘Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale’

Released in 2017, Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale is another excellent entry in the movie series. This movie takes place twenty-five years before the events of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, and focuses on King Regis’ attempt to protect his son, Prince Noctis. Featuring an innovative animation style and a voice cast of veteran actors, this movie is a must-watch for anyone who wants to get a deeper look at the world of Final Fantasy.

‘Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light’

The 2017 Japanese drama Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light provides viewers with a unique insight into Final Fantasy XIV. The story follows the relationship between a father and son and how they bridge the generation gap through their love of the online game. This heart-warming and funny movie shows how the power of gaming can bring people of different ages closer, and it should be enjoyed by anyone who loves the Final Fantasy franchise.

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