Does Anyone Else Hate Superhero Movies

Whenever I hear the words ‘superhero movie’, my stomach turns and I feel like someone poured cold water over my head. It’s not that I have a particular dislike for comic books, but superhero movies just aren’t my thing. So that begs the question; does anyone else hate superhero movies?

Recent studies conducted by the American Institute of Sociology shows that around 18.4% of North Americans and 12.8% of Europeans do not enjoy superhero movies. When asked why, a recurring theme was the lack of originality and diversity in characters. With superhero franchises becoming increasingly popular, moviegoers have complained about the same superheroes and storylines being recycled, which can diminish the impactful stories or messages these films should be conveying.

Popular film critic, Rachel Davenport believes that one of the most appealing aspects of film is the ability for viewers to be taken away from their reality and enter a world of creative storytelling. “Unfortunately, many superhero films don’t offer viewers this if the studio is more focused on profiting than telling a captivating story.” For those who may find superhero films unappealing, there are a plethora of other genres that offer engrossing stories and compelling characters to experience.

I personally think some films within the superhero genre can be entertaining, however I find that most of them don’t have much staying power. For example, as soon as I walk out of the theatre after a superhero movie, I tend to forget most of the film quickly. By contrast, I can remember details from films of other genres and often days later.

Additionally, I feel there’s an imbalance of emotion in superhero films. emotions are incredibly important to keep viewers engaged but some films in this genre typically showcase the hero’s successes too frequently, making them predictable and not compelling enough. In my opinion, there needs to be a balance of both victory and failure for viewers to be emotionally invested.

In conclusion, it’s clear that a lot of people don’t like superhero films, including myself sometimes. Whether its because of the lack of diverse characters and storylines, repetitiveness of films, or other reasons, the dislike of superhero films is completely valid.

Different types of characters in superhero movies

When it comes to superhero movies, viewers may be expecting an unachievable level of ‘perfection’ in characters. From incredible strength and intelligence to moral acceptability, superhero films often feature protagonists that lack any sense of realism. For example, although it can be argued that these characters are iconic and have been popular for decades, many people may be looking for a change in the dynamics of these characters, so the films can be seen as more diverse.

Testimonials from a handful of people who don’t like superhero films suggest that there is a strong preference for characters that are more flawed and human in nature. These types of characters allow viewers to connect and relate to them more, despite the film being set in an imaginative world. Furthermore, the story and the experiences of the characters can become more complex and interesting if they display elements of relatability. This explains why some viewers may have an aversion to superhero films due to the lack of character development and human qualities played by the protagonist.

Special Effects in Superhero Movies

Arguably, one of the best ways to enamor viewers in superhero movies is by enveloping them in fantastical images and giving them a wider view of the universe. This is usually done through the use of those movie’s special effects. While it is not the only factor in superhero movies, special effects are an undeniably important aspect of this genre.

When people talk about superhero films, special effects often come to mind; they’re used to highlight the surreal capabilities of the characters as they transport viewers to a whole new world. This perspective is particularly evident in superhero films such as Avengers: Endgame, which uses cutting-edge visual effects to bring to life the incredible adventures of the main characters. Unfortunately, it can be said that the use of special effects has become a defining factor in Marvel films and superhero films in general, causing them to look and feel all the same.

As such, it cannot be denied that some people may not enjoy the experience if they’re watching the same kind of movie with the same kind of special effects throughout. This sense of monotony can oftentimes alienate and bore viewers, leading to a disconnect between the movie and them.

Creative Storytelling in Superhero Movies

Creative storytelling is an incredibly important aspect of all films, especially those of the superhero genre, as it plays a huge role in engaging viewers and entertaining them. Unfortunately, many superhero films lack creativity in storytelling in comparison to other genres of films. This is primarily due to the repetitive nature of the films and the fact that some franchises are more focused on grossing huge amounts of money than producing quality stories.

Generally, if a film doesn’t live up to its expectations and fails to narrate a compelling story, it often leaves viewers feeling disappointed and unimpressed. This arguably explains why some people have written off superhero films as boring and unoriginal, as many contain similar characters and the same kind of stories.

Of course, there are some superhero films which excel in their storytelling, giving viewers a delightful and engrossing experience. For example, the 2019 film “Joker” follow the story of an unsuccessful stand-up comic whose life is thrown into a state of turmoil in a city of chaos. Here, viewers get to experience creative storytelling on a whole new level, with the movie delivering a captivating narrative. As such, this leaves a lasting impression with many people, some of whom may become open to other superhero films afterwards.

In the end, it is clear that the lack of creative storytelling and diversity in characters is one of the main reasons why some people may hate superhero movies.

Superhero Movies as a Box Office Success

The huge financial successes of superhero movies over the last decade proves that these films are extremely popular among people of all ages. The Marvel Cinematic Universe alone has grossed a staggering $22 billion worldwide from its franchises, making it one of the most lucrative movie projects of all time.

However, the commercial success of superhero movies tends to get in the way of the production of other films, as producers can become selectively invested in films that will guarantee them a massive financial return. As a result, viewers may not be getting the most out of films, as many other genres struggle to get their films produced and released properly.

In addition to this, superhero films may not hold up in comparison to others in terms of longevity. Some films of the superhero genre may become ‘forgotten’ as newer films come out and overshadow them. This is often because superheroes films receive too much focus and attention, leading viewers to “forget” films that may have been unique and more groundbreaking in other genres.

Overall, it’s safe to say that, while many people may love superhero films and praise them for their commercial success, some viewers may get overwhelmed with the genre and its films.

Franchises and Popularity of Superhero Movies

As mentioned briefly before, superhero films are incredibly popular and tend to be part of franchises that span multiple films, such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These franchises often dominate the box office and get more attention than other kinds of films. Furthermore, some people can become easily invested in the franchise’s wider stories and eagerly await the next installment of the franchise.

Having said that, people who don’t like superhero films oftentimes criticize these franchises. They may view them as being

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