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The Early Life of Will Smith- The Superhero Movie Actor

Will Smith, an American actor and producer, was born on September 25, 1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began to pursue his career as a musician during his teens but soon started to making films and television shows. Smith’s acting career has been very successful with numerous awards, including two Golden Globe Awards and multiple Oscar nominations. Smith’s career has also taken off in several media outlets, including television, film, video games, and music.
Smith has become a popular figure in the Superhero movie industry, and is best known for his roles in films such as Men In Black, Hancock, The Pursuit of Happyness, and most recently, Suicide Squad. Smith is one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors, and is one of a handful of millionaires who have been nominated for Academy Awards.
Smith’s earliest roles in the Superhero movie industry included playing the superhero in the 1997 film, Men In Black. In the film, Smith plays Agent J, a special agent who is tasked with protecting Earth from extraterrestrial threats. The success of the film led to its sequels, Men In Black II and Men In Black 3.
Smith’s next big Superhero movie project was Hancock, where he played the titular character. The film follows Hancock, a fallen guardian angel, who is misunderstood and disliked by the public, leading to him becoming an alcoholic. Smith’s performance won him a Saturn Award for Best Actor.
In 2006, Smith starred in The Pursuit of Happyness, where he plays the role of Chris Gardner, a salesman struggling to make it in the stockbroking industry. The movie was a success and was praised for its depiction of Gardner’s struggles, as well as Smith’s performance.
Smith’s most recent Superhero movie appearance was in the 2016 movie, Suicide Squad. In this film, Smith played the role of Deadshot, an expert killer and assassin. Smith was praised for his performance and for bringing the character to life.

Rise To Stardom

As one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors, Smith has gained a lot of fame and recognition due to his acting career in Superhero films and other films alike. His rise to stardom began with the 1997 film, Men In Black, wherein Smith starred as Agent J, a secret agent tasked with protecting Earth from threats from outer space. The film was an immediate success, earning more than $589 million at the box office. This success marked Smith’s first major role in the Superhero film industry.
Smith’s star status rose further when he starred in Hancock. The film follows Hancock, a fallen guardian angel, in his attempt to win back the affection of the citizens of Los Angeles. Smith’s portrayal of Hancock earned him much acclaim and a Saturn Award for Best Actor.
Smith became further recognized in the industry with the release of The Pursuit of Happyness. The film, which follows a man, played by Smith, struggling to make it as a stockbroker amid economic hardship, highlights the importance of family, faith and determination. Smith won several awards for his role, cementing his place amongst the best in the business.

Impact On The Superhero Genre

Will Smith’s success in the Superhero genre has had a huge impact on the industry as a whole. Smith’s portrayal of characters such as Agent J and Hancock have given the genre a much-needed boost, and have made them accessible to a wider audience. Smith’s performances have earned himseveral awards, and have showcased his range as an actor.
Smith’s performances in the Superhero genre have also had an effect on wider culture. His roles in films such as Hancock and Suicide Squad have been highly influential to the way in which we view Superheroes, and have paved the way for more female and non-white characters to be represented in the genre.

A Wealth Of Talent

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, and has won several awards for his acting performances in the Superhero genre. Smith is known for his quick wit, charm and energy, which have made him successful as a comedic actor, as well as a serious actor.
Besides his work in the Superhero genre, Smith has worked on several other projects. He has starred in many films that are not ‘Superhero’ in nature, such as Bad Boys, Hitch and I, Robot. Smith has also worked on television shows, video games and even music. He released his first studio album, Big Willie Style, in 1997.

A Philanthropist At Heart

Not only is Smith a talented Actor and Musician, but he is also a philanthropist. Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, founded the ‘Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation’ in 2004. The Foundation aims to ‘provide resources and services to individuals and families in need and to support youth initiatives in education and the arts’.
Smith and his wife have been involved in many charitable activities, including providing medical care for the homeless, helping to rebuild areas affected by natural disasters, and providing aid for refugees. Smith has been praised for his charitable work, and for raising awareness about social issues.

A Commitment To His Craft

Along with his philanthropic endeavours, Smith has been highly committed to his craft as an actor and musician. Smith has worked on over 50 films and television shows, and has also written, produced and acted in several of them. He has won numerous awards over his career, and was even named one of the ‘100 Most Influential People of 2020’ by Time Magazine.
Smith has also been praised for his commitment to the role. He often puts in a lot of efforts in his performance and is noted for his extensive research into the characters he portrays. Smith is often seen training and practicing martial arts, and can often be seen performing his own stunts in his films.

Living Legacy

Will Smith has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood, thanks to his commitment to his work, his philanthropic endeavours, as well as his performances in various roles, including those in Superhero movies. Not only has Smith revolutionized the Superhero movie industry, but he is an inspiration to many. His success and popularity continue to grow, and he is sure to leave an indelible mark on the film industry for many years to come.

An Actor For All Seasons

Will Smith’s immense talent and versatility as an Actor have allowed him to break boundaries and take on a wide array of roles. Besides his work in the Superhero movie industry, Smith has starred in several other films and television shows. Some of his more notable works include his starring role in The Pursuit of Happyness, and his performances in Hitch, I, Robot and Bad Boys.
Smith’s performances in different projects have showcased his range as an actor. He can move effortlessly between comedy, drama and action genres, and is often cast in lead roles. His performances and ability to embody complex characters has earned him numerous awards, and have made Smith one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Bringing People Together

Will Smith’s ability to bring people together through his work is an incredible trait which has made him one of today’s most popular celebrities. His performances in Men In Black, Hancock, and other films have been a source of joy for many, and have brought together people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.
His charity initiatives have also helped to bring people together and have raised awareness about social issues. His success has been infectious, and Smith has inspired many with his positive message, emphasizing the importance of hard work and determination.

The Visionary Innovator

Smith is an innovator, who has broken down barriers in the film industry and beyond. He has paved the way for more diverse voices to be represented in the industry, as well as for other young actors to follow in his footsteps. His influence in the industry is undeniable, and his success has been a testament to the impact one person can have.
Smith continues to be an active presence in the industry today, and is set to appear in the upcoming movie King Richard, which is based on the true story of tennis legend, Richard Williams. Smith has also recently ventured into the world of music, releasing his first rap album, The Elephant, in 2020. This is yet another example of Smith’s ability to innovate, and to find new ways of expressing himself.

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