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Will Smith: A Brief Look Into His Sci-Fi Movies

Will Smith has been a household name since his acting career began in the late 80s. His willingness to tackle any role has led him to become one of the most beloved actors of all time. The majority of his greatest works have been in the genres of comedy and drama, however, he has also starred in some of the most iconic and beloved sci-fi movies of all time.
The first of these titles was the 1997 blockbuster hit, Men in Black. Set in a secret government organization devoted to protecting the public from the unknown, Men in Black made Smith a star overnight. Alongside Tommy Lee Jones as his partner, Smith’s character, Agent J, became one of the most recognized characters of the decade. It’s no wonder it spawned two sequels, as well as a cartoon spinoff.
Smith’s next foray into sci-fi came in the 2003 box office hit, I, Robot. Adapted from the classic Isaac Asimov novel, I, Robot joins Smith as the main detective on a case that pits man against the very machines humans created. Smith portrays the role of a logically minded detective who is forced to confront his own beliefs when it comes to CyberLife, a powerful AI developed by a company in the hopes of taking over the world. By the end of the film, Smith’s character is left with a choice that will determine the fate of mankind.
In 2019, Smith and his Son teamed up to star in the blockbuster film, Gemini Man. Smith’s character is an elite assassin who is targeted by his own clone from the past, who has been sent to kill him. Smith’s character must face up to the moral dilemma of murdering a copies of himself in self defense, as the future of civilization hangs in the balance.
In 2020, Smith returned to the sci-fi genre with the emotional family drama, The Pursuit of Happyness. When Smith’s character, Chris Gardner, finds himself struggling to make ends meet and provide for his son, he’s desperate enough to take up a job offer with a mysterious entrepreneur. Smith’s character is tested to his limits as he works to understand the inventor’s machine, a device with the potential to change the world. The movie has a powerful message and gives viewers an emotional journey that few movies of the genre can match.

Smith’s Sci-Fi Legacy

Will Smith has become a significant contributor to the Sci-Fi genre. With his unique blend of charisma, wit and intelligence, Smith has brought the genre to a new level and helped shape it for the modern era.
He has raked in billions at the box office, earning numerous awards and other accolades that carry with him to this day. Smith continues to bring a human touch to the genre by tackling issues of morality, empathy, and…well, just being human. He shows that sci-fi isn’t just about science and technology, but also about the complicated lives that are intertwined with and drawn to science and technology.
Throughout his career, Smith has provided moviegoers with dramatic, action-packed sci-fi stories that have both entertained and captured the hearts and minds of the audiences. Thanks to Smith, sci-fi has become an even more accepted genre, paving the way for filmmakers to explore the unexplored within the genre and giving moviegoers unique, memorable stories.

Smith’s Impact on the Genre

Will Smith’s performances in the sci-fi genre have left an indelible mark on pop culture. His characters are often the shining example of morality, courage, and resilience – qualities the public loves and admires. His performances have shaped the genre for the current generation, providing a more humanistic approach to the genre and showing moviegoers that sci-fi isn’t just about science and technology, but also about humanity itself.
Smith’s work has become not only an inspiration for current generations, but also a legacy for future generations. His ability to capture the human experience in a sci-fi setting is something that only he has been able to do and something which will remain timeless and fundamental to the genre.

Smith’s Sci-Fi Roles Today

In recent years, Smith has taken on a few more sci-fi roles. In the 2019 blockbuster,
Aladdin, he plays the beloved Genie. Smith’s portrayal of the Genie is a modern-day revision of the traditional classic. His humor, wisdom and relatability quickly won over the hearts of audiences worldwide and earned him critical acclaim.
Then, in 2020, Smith presented audiences with a unique take on the classic AI robot with Spies in Disguise. Smith plays the character of Lance Sterling, a suave,, glamorous secret agent who is inadvertently transformed into a pigeon at the request of a master inventor. Despite the physical transformation, he still displays the same charm, wit and intelligence that have made him an icon in the sci-fi world. His performance was widely praised, making his character another beloved Smith sci fi role.

Smiths’ Futuristic Career

Looking ahead, it is easy to see that sci-fi will remain an integral part of Smith’s career. He has already shown a willingness and desire to tackle roles that lie outside of the traditional box, and moving towards sci-fi roles is a logical progression. Smith’s willingness to challenge himself and try things outside of the comfort zone is something viewers will always look forward to.
We can only hope that we will see Smith continue to evolve in the sci-fi genre and take on even more roles in the future. With the heart, wit and intelligence that he has become renowned for, one thing is for certain: his future in sci-fi is full of potential.

Analysis of Smith and Sci-Fi Genre

The merging of Will Smith and the sci-fi genre has been a fruitful and successful collaboration. Throughout his career, Smith has taken on the role of a dynamic, charismatic and diverse character in order to breathe life into the genre. His willingness to broaden his horizon and explore roles beyond his comfort zone has resulted in some of the most iconic and beloved movies of all time.
By taking on these roles, Smith has elevated the genre as a whole; his performances are renowned for bringing a beloved human touch to the genre, as well as tackling issues of morality, empathy and hope. His performances carry with him a legacy of courage and hope, showing moviegoers that sci-fi isn’t just about science and technology, but also our humanity.

Smith and His Impact on the Future of Sci-Fi Genre

Will Smith’s legacy in the genre is an undeniable one. His impact on the genre has already been felt but it’s safe to say that his impact will be felt for many years to come. Smith has mastered the art of playing complex characters in the sci-fi genre, pushing the boundaries of the genre and giving moviegoers unique and unforgettable experiences.
By merging his unique charm and wit with sci fi, Smith has proven to be an exceptional actor and a formidable force in this genre. His performances have a certain timelessness to them that will remain evergreen and will no doubt help shape the future of the sci-fi genre for many years to come.


Will Smith has proven to be an invaluable asset to the sci-fi genre. His diverse acting range and ability to bring a human touch to even the most complex of roles have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. His performances have set a new standard for the sci-fi genre, pushing the boundaries and providing moviegoers with unique experiences.
Smith’s legacy will remain embedded in the sci-fi genre for many years to come, thanks to his diverse performances and willingness to tackle challenging roles that are outside of his comfort zone. We can only hope that his contributions will continue to help shape the genre for the better and that he will continue to inspire generations of viewers to come.

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