What Is A Good Thriller Movies On Netflix

What is a Good Thriller Movie on Netflix?

Netflix is a streaming platform that produces a great range of movies and television series from all genres, including thriller movies. Thrillers are extremely popular, but selecting the best offerings on Netflix can be quite a difficult task. With a vast library of titles available, how can viewers find good thriller movies to watch?

Understanding Thriller Movies

Thriller movies are usually identified as those that contain elements of suspense, tension, or excitement. They may involve stories that highlight sinister schemes, intense criminal activity, or deep psychological and spiritual tensions. These intriguing stories may include mystery, crime, horror, supernatural, or adventure themes. Thriller movies may also feature precarious situations, often with protagonists put in direct danger or harm to sustain tension, suspense, and fear.

Notable Thriller Movies on Netflix

There are several critically-acclaimed thriller movies streaming on Netflix, with many of them being highly popular with viewers. Among the most popular offerings are ‘Original Sin’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘Merantau’ and ‘The Roof’. These movies all contain intense scenes that lead viewers on an emotional rollercoaster of suspense and fear.

Original Sin, starring Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, is a psychological thriller set in Cuba. A newly-wed couple embarks on a honeymoon trip to Cuba but the woman soon discovers her husband is not who she thought he was. The movie keeps viewers on their toes until the very end.

The Hunt, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, is an intense and suspenseful movie that gives great insight into human nature. Set in Denmark, the movie follows a group of people who are captured, tied up and taken to a remote location by strangers. The movie is full of suspense, as the victims frantically attempt to escape their captors and discover the reason why they have been taken.

Genre-Specific Subreddits on Reddit

To get a better idea of what are some good thriller movies to watch on Netflix, viewers can visit the genre-specific subredditts on Reddit. These subreddits provide up-to-date news and discussion on the latest films and series streaming on Netflix. It is also a great place to get recommendations on thriller movies. The “r/ThrillerMovies” subreddit is an excellent place to discover hidden gems and insights into good thriller movies on Netflix.

Expert Opinions and Ratings

Another effective way to identify good thriller movies streaming on Netflix is to get opinions from experts and trustworthy sources. Websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb list ratings for films and television series, and viewers can check these ratings for highly-rated thriller movies. Additionally, experts in the film industry often share their thoughts on noteworthy films, and these reviews can be very helpful to viewers.

Movie Discussion Forums

Discussion forums related to movies provide great platforms to get the opinion of other viewers who have watched the movies on Netflix. Forums such as ‘moviefone’ are frequented by movie buffs from around the world, and viewers can ask for opinions, recommendations and reviews on great thriller movies to watch. The opinions offered by experienced viewers can often be very valuable.

Online Popularity

Finally, viewers can check online streaming sites to get an idea of which thriller movies are popular and widely-watched. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitter often provide insights into which movies are trending and viewers can use this information to identify good thriller movies from Netflix.


With so many thrilling movies to choose from, viewers can find great thriller movies streaming on Netflix with a bit of research. From expert reviews to movie discussion forums and online populariy, there are many different ways of identifying good thriller movies.

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