What Are The Final Fantasy Movies In Order


Final Fantasy, the popular video game series, has been adapted into a handful of movies including Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Advent Children, Kingsglaive, and most recently, Final Fantasy VII Remake. With a mix of science fiction and fantasy, each movie showcases strong visuals and epic stories that draw viewers into the world of Final Fantasy. This article will provide an overview of the Final Fantasy movies to date and explore how they each build upon the series’ history and lore.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, released in 2001, was the first feature-length Final Fantasy movie. It was met with mixed reactions from both critics and fans, as the movie’s style and story leaned more toward science fiction, rather than the traditional fantasy setting found in the game series. The movie focuses on Dr. Aki Ross and her mission to save the planet from mutant alien invaders called Phantoms.

Advent Children

Advent Children, released in 2005, followed the events of the popular PlayStation game, Final Fantasy VII. It took place two years after the game’s original ending and showcased the reuniting of the game’s main characters in the city of Midgar. It also introduced new characters, such as Sephiroth’s son Kadaj, as they battled Sephiroth’s clones. The movie was praised by fans of the game as it kept the spirit and tone of its source material intact.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, released in 2016, was the first movie to be based on an upcoming game instead of an existing title. Set in the world of Eos, the movie focuses on the struggle between King Regis and the powerful Niflheim Empire. Starring Aaron Paul and Lena Headey in the lead roles, the movie showcases stunning visuals as the Kingsglaive, a magical but deadly force, defend the kingdom from its enemies.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The most recent movie adaptation of Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy VII Remake, released in 2020. Taking place in the city of Midgar, the movie follows Cloud Strife and his team of mercenaries as they fight to protect the planet from the nefarious Shinra Corporation and its mutant monsters. The movie combined the visuals of the original game with vibrant animation, creating a cinematic experience that captivated fans and new viewers alike.


The movies of the Final Fantasy series are widely varied in style and story, closely following their source material while also creating unique stories of their own. From The Spirits Within to Final Fantasy VII Remake, the movies all stay true to their origins while also providing a unique cinematic experience. Regardless of how the movie is received, it’s clear that the series has a loyal fanbase who will continue to follow the Final Fantasy story for years to come.


Each of the Final Fantasy movies vary in style and story, with some closely sticking to the source material, and others veering off in new directions. Common elements among each movie include vibrant visuals and a compelling story, emphasizing a grand scale conflict from the science fiction to fantasy spectrum. Characters from the game series have often returned in the movies, with some new additions that have become fan favorites.

Plot Development

The Final Fantasy movies all build upon the lore and mythos of the series, taking the characters and events from previous games and movies and carefully expanding on them. Key plot developments are structured in a way that drives the story forward. The main storyline of each movie is engaging and easily follows the source material, while also introducing new ideas in an unconventional way.

Visual Effects

Visuals in the Final Fantasy movies are stunning and well crafted. From life-like CGI characters to epic battle scenes, Final Fantasy movies provide a unique experience that is hard to replicate. Each movie showcases intricate details in the background and in-game environment, emphasizing the world of Final Fantasy and its impressive visuals.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs in the Final Fantasy movies have become a beloved tradition. From references to other games in the series to nods to previous movies and in-world jokes, the movies are filled to the brim with fanservice. These include nods to Cloud’s adventures in Advent Children, or the many appearances of Chocobos in Kingsglaive.

Critical Reception

The Final Fantasy movies have mostly been well received by both critics and fans. The Spirits Within was met with a mixed reception for its departure from the traditionalFinal Fantasy style, while the following movies were largely praised for their faithfulness to the source material. Final Fantasy VII Remake, in particular, was met with universal critical acclaim for its impressive visuals and modernization of the original game.

Future Films

Future Final Fantasy movies are likely to continue expanding upon the lore and mythos of the franchise. With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XVI and the continuing popularity of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s safe to assume that future movies will take cues from these titles. Whether it’s a movie that’s a faithful adaptation of the game or one that takes the series in a new direction, the fans of the franchise will be looking forward to what’s next.

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