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Ah, teenage romance movies. A look back on our past and a reflection of our present, these motion pictures have been popular since the first silent films. Films that cover the topics of first love, young relationships and the growing and often painful process of self-discovery bring out a wide range of emotions within the spectator, making these movies captivating and memorable.

Best Teenage Romance Movies

Contemporary teenage romance movies capture the awkwardness and passions of adolescence, as well as addressing self-acceptance. While some films shy away from negative themes, others fully explore them. Below is a list of the best teenage romance movies, catering to a variety of tastes:

  • To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Call it What You Want
  • The Edge of Seventeen
  • Dazed and Confused
  • Fever Pitch

The two Netflix original series, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, have been incredibly successful and part of this genre since the debut of the first movie in 2018. Tracing the relationship between Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky, the movie lends without reservation to themes of teenage relationships, highlighting the importance of communication and understanding one another’s feelings.
The Fault in Our Stars is a heartbreaking yet inspiring movie about two teenagers with terminal cancer. Accompanying them on their journey of self-discovery, the movie deals with a heavy topic in a sensitive yet positively engaging manner. The movie premiered in 2014 and quickly became a classic, complimented by its equally moving book.
Call it What You Want explores the struggles of two young adults navigating the confusion and uncertainty of their relationships and future paths. Released in 2020, the movie is a meaningful and (at times painful), exploration of the difficult yet ultimately satisfying journey that accompanies self-discovery and acceptance.
The Edge of Seventeen, released in 2017, captures the confusion and turbulent emotions of being seventeen in a humorous and empowering manner. Tracing the story of Nadine Franklin and her journey of self-acceptance, this movie is sure to make any viewer laugh as well as ponder some deeper themes.
Dazed and Confused, released in 1993, follows the lives of a group of teenagers on their last day of school. Filled with both 80s nostalgia and timeless lessons, this movie is sure to have any viewer both smiling and thinking.
Finally, Fever Pitch, released in 2005, tells the story of the romantic relationship between a fanatical Boston Red Sox fan and a serene staff member. With its light humor, this film is an entertaining exploration of love and loyalty as well as the power of mutual understanding.

Bringing Out Emotions in Teenage Romance Films

The best teenage romance movies are those that are able to bring out a wide range of emotions in the viewer. They must be able to evoke both comedy and sadness, as well as a range of other emotions in between. Additionally, teenage romance movies must explore such uncomfortable topics as the difficulty of growing up and the awkwardness of first love in an approachable yet thought-provoking manner.
Romantic comedies often feature protagonists with a humorous, sometimes quirky personalities. They can be extremely relatable, offering viewers an opportunity to step into the shoes of the characters and live vicariously through the plot. The best of these movies do more than just offer laugher: they provide thought-provoking messages about relationships and life.

Emphasis on Self-discovery in Teenage Romance Films

Teenage romance movies are often focused on the growing process of self-discovery. In these motion pictures, protagonists must determine what relationships they want in their lives, how they want to live their lives, and who they want to be.
The best teenage romance movies are those that are able to realistically portray this stage of life in a manner that is both truthful and entertaining. They must be able to present a realistic image of adolescence without being overbearingly sad or overly-simplistic. Additionally, the protagonists in teenage movies should strive to be self-reliant and focused on self-improvement.

Handling Negative Themes of Teenage Romance

Teenage love stories often have the power to evoke a wide range of emotions. Unfortunately, the psychological impacts of post-adolescence are often left out of these stories.
The best teenage romance movies, however, must delve into the nitty-gritty of teenage angst and confusion. From issues of self-doubt to difficulties in romantic relationships, these motion pictures must show the full spectrum of teenage emotions as they relate to first loves.
Additionally, teenage romance movies should not be afraid of tackling difficult and uncomfortable topics. Breaking the silence on such issues as bullying and mental health encourages viewers to confront their own challenges.

Unconventional Love Stories in Teenage Romance Movies

The traditional image of romance in motion pictures often involves a certain level of predictability. While such familiar storylines are sure to garner a wide range of appeal, they can be limiting in terms of exploring differing approaches to love.
The best teenage romance movies should break the mold of preconceived notions of romance, accompanying the main characters on their journeys of self-discovery. This includes a broad exploration of what it means to initially fall in love, as well as comprehending the challenges and rewards that accompany the development of relationships.

Conclusion of Teenage Romance Movies

Obviously, it’s impossible to pick just one from these amazing teenage romance films. Each movie offers something unique and important, contributing to a wide range of perspectives on this increasingly complex matter.
Therefore, it’s worth looking at each movie individually and, as they provide a deeper insight into the emotions and always-developing nature of teenage romance, taking away what we need and want from them. Whether that’s a laugh, tears, a feeling of understanding, a sense of hope— teenage movies can offer it all and more.

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