What Are The Best Korean Romance Movies On Netflix

Korean romance movies feature the romance, love and beauty of the culture while remaining quite unlike anything viewers have seen before. These movies explore different aspects of relationships, both modern and traditional, providing an enlightening look at Korean life. Netflix has a collection of fantastic Korean romance movies that viewers can enjoy. From lighthearted stories to heartbreaking tales of love, Netflix is the ideal location for experiencing great Korean romance movies.

One of the best Korean romance movies available on Netflix is My Sassy Girl. This classic film tells the story of a college student Gyeon-woo and his relationship with the sassy and outspoken girl he meets one day. It follows the couple through their entertaining, yet heartbreaking journey and is a must-watch for any Korean movie fan. My Sassy Girl is also ranked as one of the best romantic comedies in Asian cinema and an essential introduction to Korean romance movies.

Another great Korean romance movie available on Netflix is A Werewolf Boy. This modern fairytale features romance between a human girl and a wild boy living in the woods. It is a heartfelt story of love and transformation and the lengths both characters will go to in order to preserve their love. A Werewolf Boy goes beyond the usual characters and romantic plotlines found in standard love stories. This film shows how even the greatest of differences can be reconciled through love.

For those looking for a modern take on the theme of love and loss, Netflix offers The Handmaiden. This movie follows the story of a young woman, Sa-hee, who is hired as the handmaiden of a mysterious heiress, Lady Hideko. As their relationship blossoms, the pair must contend with a plot to steal Hideko’s inheritance and ultimately find a new way to love each other. Through its beautiful visuals and compelling storyline, The Handmaiden is the perfect example of a modern Korean romance movie.

A genre-busting classic, The Host is another great example of a Korean romance movie available on Netflix. This spectacular movie tells the story of two siblings and their attempt to save a family member from a monster living in the Han River. Although it is a horror movie, The Host incorporates a powerful love story between the siblings and a moving exploration of family relationships. Its unique blend of horror and romance is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Relationships in the Movies

Korean romance movies explore many aspects of relationships and help viewers understand the Korean culture and its many nuances. Many Korean romance movies follow a non-traditional approach to love, offering refreshing perspectives on the difficulties, joys and complexities of relationships. These movies often delve into inter-generational and/or same-sex relationships and provide a space for viewers to honestly discuss sexuality and LGBTQ+ topics, something that is not often seen in mainstream American media.

Korean movies are also known for their frank discussion of family dynamics. Whether it’s the traditional extended family structure, divorced parents or single parent households, Korean romance movies explore all kinds of family relationships. They offer a unique look at the struggles faced in somewhat traditional societies, while also highlighting the resilience of the characters and the strength of the bond between family members.

Cultural Context

Korean romance movies also provide an interesting look at the Korean culture and its traditions. Through these stories, viewers can gain an understanding of Korean weddings, funerals, holidays and other customs. Many Korean romance movies showcase the deep regard for family and social conventions, as well as the importance placed on honoring tradition and respecting elders.

These movies also explore the effects of economic disparities, inequality, poverty and the divide between the haves and have-nots. Through its stories, Korean romance movies offer a subtle yet powerful message of empathy and social awareness. Such stories can provide viewers with a different understanding of the world, while also helping to guide them in their own lives.

Emotions in the Movies

Korean romance movies typically center on two characters and the emotions that develop between them. These movies explore emotions such as love, sadness, guilt, pain and joy. They show the beauty of love, regardless of where it can take us. These movies are also tender, funny and romantic, filled with moments of laughter, tears, joy and love.

Korean romance movies also explore the power of second chances, proving that it’s never too late to start again. These movies often demonstrate how relationships can be healed and how two disparate people can find common ground. Through the powerful themes in these stories, viewers can gain a better understanding of the complexity of relationships and how love can conquer all.

Style of Stories

Korean romance movies also stand out in terms of their visual style. The directors make use of vivid colors, bold lighting and stylish camera angles to create a unique aesthetic. These movies showcase a range of emotions and bring a unique visual delight to viewers. The storylines also offer unexpected plot twists, keeping viewers engaged from start to finish.

Korean romance movies also offer diverse storylines. From slice-of-life to fantasy, there is something for everyone on Netflix. These movies often explore love in its many forms, celebrating its beauty and exploring its darker aspects as well. By expanding their understanding of love, viewers can gain a better appreciation for the power and depth of relationships, as well as the Korean culture.

Old Versus New

Korean romance movies also explore how old and new worlds intersect, with many stories illustrating the struggles of preserving tradition in a rapidly changing world. These movies also offer interesting perspectives on modern romance and how the world has changed in recent decades. Through these stories, viewers can examine how their own relationships are shaped by such changes.

Finally, as a form of escapism, these movies provide a world of escape and a chance to experience fresh emotions. Through these stories, viewers can explore their own feelings and find hope, strength and solace. The characters in these stories often embody themes of resilience, whether in facing the challenges of life or finding the courage to keep going. By empathizing with their struggles and rooting for their success, viewers can draw strength from these stories.


Korean romance movies provide viewers with an emotional experience. These stories are often filled with sorrow and joy, making them highly relatable. Viewers can connect with the characters, seeing reflections of themselves and their own relationships in the stories. Through these stories, Korean movie fans can learn about themselves, become inspired, appreciate the culture and gain a wider understanding of the world.

Netflix is full of amazing Korean romance movies, offering viewers a great opportunity to experience some of the best love stories of all time. From classic stories of young love to modern tales of complex relationships, there is something for everyone to enjoy. By exploring these movies and their many themes, viewers can gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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