What Are Superhero Movies Called


Superhero movies have become increasingly popular in recent years. With blockbuster hits such as Marvel’s Thor, Black Panther, and Aquaman, as well as DC’s Wonder Woman, these films have become big business. So what exactly are superhero movies called? In this article, we’ll explore the various terms used to describe these films, as well as the reasons for their popularity.

History of Superhero Movies

Superhero films have a long history. The earliest example is likely The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), which was the first live-action superhero movie. Since then, there have been countless films based on comic book characters, from Batman (1943) to Spider-Man (2002). More recently, Marvel and DC’s expanded cinematic universes have produced a large number of films.

Different Types of Superhero Movies

Superhero films are often categorized according to their source material. For example, films based on Marvel Comics characters are sometimes called Marvel films. Similarly, films based on DC Comics characters are often called DC films. However, these films can also be classified according to their genre. For instance, some superhero films are action films, while others are considered sci-fi films.

Reasons for Popularity

Superhero films are popular for a variety of reasons. Many fans enjoy films that feature larger-than-life characters and stories. Others enjoy the visual spectacle of superhero films, which typically feature elaborate action sequences and special effects. In addition, some viewers enjoy films that feature well-known and beloved characters from comic books and other media.

Critical Reception

Critics have had mixed reactions to superhero films. While some critics have praised the spectacle and special effects, others have been critical of the films’ plotlines or characters. In recent years, superhero films have also faced criticism for their lack of diversity and inclusion.

Financial Success

Despite some criticism, superhero films have proven to be extremely successful at the box office. In 2018, Marvel’s Black Panther grossed $1.3 billion worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing superhero film of all time. That same year, Avengers: Infinity War became the fourth highest-grossing film in history with $2.05 billion.

Industry Impact

The success of superhero films has had a major impact on the film industry. Hollywood studios have become more willing to invest in superhero films, leading to a rise in the number of films produced each year. In addition, the success of superhero films has encouraged other studios to create their own cinematic universes in hopes of achieving similar success.


Superhero movies have become a major part of the film industry. They are often referred to as Marvel films or DC films, depending on their source material. Superhero films are popular for a number of reasons, including their spectacular visuals, beloved characters, and thrilling stories. Despite mixed reviews from critics, these films have achieved incredible financial success. As a result, Hollywood studios have become more eager to invest in superhero films, leading to an increase in their production.

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