What Are Good Thriller Movies On Netflix

What are Good Thriller Movies to Watch on Netflix?

Thirllers Movies have a long and proud cinematic history, packed with suspense and unexpected plot twists. Netflix is no different, offering viewers dozens of these raw, electrifying films. With stars like Robert De Niro and Kevin Spacey set within macabre stories, audiences are sure to be on the edge of their seat.

Film critics have praised Netflix’s invaluable archive of crime and thriller films for their excellence in the genre. From mesmerizing Hitchcockian story-lines to hardboiled police procedurals, there is genuinely something for everyone. Each Netflix original thriller movie is meticulously crafted, filled with a labyrinth of neon-lit laboratories and rain-cloaked city streets.

Experts agree that certain Thriller movies must be watched over others. One example is The Talented Mr Ripley, a steamy millennial noir film starring Matt Damon. The movie follows Tom Ripley as he tries to navigate a wicked game of deceit and deceptiveness. It’s a great example of the powerful and fascinating world that unprohibited adult drama can deliver.

Another thriller movie-wrecker is The Lincoln Lawyer, an uneven but entertaining character-driven drama. Matthew McConaughey stars as a defence lawyer in this emotionally-charged drama that is packed with chase scenes and intense courtroom stand-offs. As one critic commented, “McConaughey is as good as ever in this film, full of suspense, revelations and power Struggles”.

Among the most highly-rated thrillers on Netflix is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This hard-hitting detective story follows the two protagonists as they delve deep into a tangled web of corruption, lies and betrayal. People are drawn to this movie because it’s a thrilling journey from beginning to end, with some surprising twists and turns along the way.

So, if you’re looking for an intense and truly unmissable experience, these three movies should definitely be at the top of your list. Or, you could opt for one of the many lesser-known thrillers offered on the streaming platform. But regardless of which one you choose, you’re sure to be left on the edge of your seat.

Types of Thrillers Available on Netflix

When considering options of horror movies or thrillers to watch on Netflix, viewers are spoilt for choice by the array of different genres available. From psychological thrillers to spy thrillers, slice-of-life crime drama to action-packed shootouts, whether it’s a suspense-filled classic or a new age release, there’s an option suitable for everyone.

As one critic noted, “The array of thrilling content available on streaming platforms really is a goldmine for horror and thriller fans, who can choose from classic horrors such as The Shining or more modern choices like Someone’s Watching Me. If you’re a fan of dramas with a side serving of a thrill, we’d recommend The Girl on the Train, or for those wanting a more classic option, Rear Window.”

Other more modern thrillers, such as Oscar-winning film The Silence of the Lambs, are sure to send a chill down your spine. Directed by Jonathan Demme, this movie tracks down one serial killer, as another murderer plays mind games with the detective.

Additionally, if viewers are looking for horror flicks, they should look no further than The Conjuring and the Conjuring 2, two intense supernatural thrillers widely seen as two of the best horror movies ever made.

Advantages of Watching Thrillers on Netflix

One of the main advantages of streaming thriller movies on Netflix is the convenience and comfort of being able to watch from the comfort of your own home. Netflix has a wide selection of movies, from classic to modern, and it’s an affordably price – meaning you don’t have to break the bank to watch your favourite thriller.

Also, Netflix also makes age ratings available for each movie, ensuring viewers are apprised of what they’re getting into. This underscores Netflix’s commitment to protecting their audience, as age ratings are typically found on the back of DVDs and film posters.

Moreover, Netflix has been praised for their multi-platform approach when it comes to their movies. This means you can watch on your laptop, tablet, mobile phone or even on your Smart TV! It’s really easy to use, and the convenience of being able to choose what you want to watch is a major bonus.

Netflix’s user ratings feature also allows you to review and rank your favourite thrillers. This helps other users to make informed decisions about what to watch, helping them to find the best thriller movies available on the streaming service. This feature is a great way to get feedback on movies and gauge opinions from users who have seen the film.

Challenges Faced by Audience

The chill of a classic thriller can be a guilty pleasure, as well as a great conversation starter. However, there are also several challenges that audience members may face when searching for the right thriller.

For starters, with so many different genre titles available on Netflix, it can be overwhelming to choose one that suits the individual’s tastes. Comparing the multitude of movies takes time and effort, so patience is essential when searching for the perfect movie.

What’s more, with so many horror and thriller titles, it’s easy to make the mistake of picking a movie that’s too scary for the viewer. After all, no one wants to sit through a film that constantly instills fear and makes them jump out of their seat. It’s important to find the perfect balance between thrilling and creepy, something that rises but doesn’t break the tense atmosphere.

For instance, if horror movies are your go-to entertainment, you should consider options such as the cult classic horror movie It Follows. This horror flick is a psychological tour-de-force that delves deep into the mind of the protagonist, making it much more than a typical horror movie.

Alternatively, suspense-driven thrillers such as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Silence of the Lambs should also be considered, as they often offer an engrossing story line within the genre. While these are far from truly frightening films, they’re enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Appeal of Thrillers to Different Age Groups

Younger audiences tend to gravitate towards more contemporary horror films, full of special-effects and jump scares. Thriiling stories about the dangers of technology, such as the Netflix original Black Mirror, have gained cult followings.

For older viewers, classic films such as Alfred Hitchcock’s 1969 classic Topaz continue to remain popular. This film is a suspenseful spy thriller packed with plenty of intrigue, as dangerous secrets come to light in the face of impending danger.

On the other hand, films such as the 1994 nior classic Pulp Fiction remain timeless. Its stylised dialogue combined with a gripping story line is one that any viewer – regardless of age – can appreciate. Since its release, Pulp Fiction has achieved cult status as one of the best thrillers ever made.

That said, others favour cheesy 80s thrillers such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, in which four teenagers become embroiled in a grisly, vengeful story. This film captures the coming-of-age tension and atmosphere of teenage life, and is guaranteed to delight and reveal the odd spooky surprise.


Ultimately, viewers are sure to find what they’re looking for when it comes to thrillers on Netflix. Whether they’re looking for classic films or modern thrillers, this streaming service has something for everyone. Shows such as The Lincoln Lawyer, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Silence of the Lambs and Black Mirror provide thrills, spills and plenty of suspense, making for great viewing.

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