Must Watch Thriller Movies

The Basic Aspects of Must Watch Thriller Movies

It’s no secret that spectators flock to the screening room to watch thrilling movies. Thriller adventures are unarguably engaging and exciting. Not only do they bring to life an otherwise dull and mundane life, but they can also help the viewer to become more aware of certain life issues. Thousands of thrillers movies have been produced in the past decades, some of them becoming legendary and becoming part of film history.
Many people might think that thriller movies are only about killing, abduction and crazy chases, but it is far from the truth. These movies can have multiple purposes and goals to tell a story. They can explore human emotions, life issues, social conditions, and certain situations. A thriller movie can make people think more deeply about themselves and the world around them.
No matter the genre, some of the key elements in thriller movies are suspense, surprise and tension. The suspense is created when two opposing forces battle and it keeps the audience curious to see which party will prevail in the end. Good actors and directors can create well-crafted scenes that may surprise and shock the audience, making them engage even more with the movie. Meanwhile, tension contributes to the exciting atmosphere of the movie.
By definition, thrillers tell stories about the psychological state of mind of the individuals and make a deep exploration of human emotions. Even though it might seem that the characters have superhuman powers, this is usually not the case. Instead, it is the director who makes use of the settings and other elements to make the characters appear more powerful.

Why Watch Thriller Movies?

There are numerous reasons why thriller movies are enjoyable and should be watched. First, they make the viewers reflected their own life. Feeling the tension, surprise and suspense of the movie makes the audience relate more with its characters. As the audience feel strong emotions even then when watching a movie, they also reflect what would they do in the same situation and how they would find their own way out.
Thrillers can also make the viewer more conscious of what is happening in the world and can make them more aware of certain life events. As a movie with multiple interpretations, it could potentially make the viewers think about the story in different levels, creating a constant dialogue between the characters and the audience.
Moreover, thrillers fill a void in some viewers’ lives, as it is true that, when watching such intricate stories, the audience tries to project their own desires into them. This void can be filled with some mystery or excitement as the viewers get a chance to face their own fears and integrate themselves in the twists and turns of the story.
Finally, when the viewers watch thrilling movies, they get to do something out of the ordinary. These movies make the viewers feel a level of excitement and joy, making the movies more enjoyable and special. A roller coaster of emotions is guaranteed when it comes to thrillers, resulting in an opportunity to feel pleasure with no cost.

Notable Thriller Movies of All Times

When it comes to thrilling movies, there are some that have become icons and legends of film history.
The Silence of the Lambs is a classic thriller that tells the story of a young FBI agent trying to end a mysterious and violent ritualistic serial killer. Even though the movie was produced in 1990, it stands out as one of the most acclaimed thrillers of all times and is seen as an iconic psychological thriller.
Memento is another memorable thriller movie released in 2001. This movie is an exploration of a man’s attempt to put his life together after suffering a traumatic brain injury and is seen as one of the neatest mind-twist thrillers ever made. Since its release, it has gained a cult following and spawned discussions and debates around the multiple interpretations of its story.
The Sixth Sense is one of the most popular thrillers of all times and has secured a proper spot in film history. As its psychological intention is to turn conventional frames upside down, this movie will remain as a classic for years to come.
The Shining is also an iconic movie of this genre as it is a perfect combination of horror and thrillers. Besides being a great piece of film production, this movie can be seen as an exploration of the human psyche and a study of a family’s descent into chaos.

The Evolution of Thriller Movies

The evolution of the thriller genre has been fast and continuous during the past decades. It started with Hitchcock’s Psycho, which set the foundation for an entire genre of edge-of-the-seat suspense thrillers. Since then, thriller movies have evolved both in production and in storylines.
One of the major changes has been in the technological advances. Big-budget productions can be more realistic, involving more special effects and more precise details. As its stories are becoming more unpredictable and askew, thrillers can make a more realistic approach to the audience, making them feel the tension more accurately.
The storylines of thriller movies are also more intricate and unprecedented, as well as more creative. Main characters do not have to be just plain and stereotypic good vs bad situation, they become multifaceted and moral dilemmas become an important part of the story. Writers have now the chance to explore new depths of the genre and tilt the story in different directions.
Additionally, the idea of franchise is now a well-known concept for thrillers, as seen in movies taking place in different times or with unexpected relation between the characters. Bridging between independent stories to create a cohesive one is one of the stories that add more depth and make the viewers reflect their own lives.

The Impact of Thriller Movies on Society

It is widely accepted that thriller movies have had a major influence in the lives of many people, even if it is on a subconscious level. It is believed that these movies teach us how to face oppressive situations and fears, building resilience in us.
The most common example is related to fear. Feeling fear is a natural response that we have, but it is our way of responding to fear that sets us aside. Thriller movies show us how our decisions heavily affect the outcome of the case, teaching us how to act with more thoughtfulness even when we are afraid.
On the other hand, thriller movies can make the viewers more aware the world around them and how they can contribute to the world. By being exposed to different interpretations of situations, thriller movies can help us think about ways to create a better world and even take action in order to do so.
Furthermore, thriller movies can also make the audience develop some self-awareness when it comes to self-esteem and confidence. Such movies can also teach us imagination, problem-solving skills, creativity and courage. By experiencing those lessons even on a verbal level, we can learn how to analyze different aspects of life itself.

Modern Thriller Movies

Modern thrillers often mix different elements from horror, mystery, sci-fi and other genres, creating unique adventures. They explore our human condition as well as investigate the relationships between characters and their environment.
The 2020 movie Tenet is a sci-fi espionage movie that was highly praised by critics and was able to make more than $350 million in the box office. This mind-twister is set in the world of international espionage, involving the manipulation of time, filled with thrilling action and intrepid agents.
Another great example of contemporary thrillers is the La Casa de Paper, a Spanish movie released in 2020. La Casa de Paper is a crime thriller and a study of human psychology as it is a story about a retired smuggler called Juan, a parent trying to protect his children and an ex-convict in an unstoppable countdown.
The psychological thriller Knives Out is set in a house of mystery and explores the relationship between a detective and a suspicious family who has to investigate a death. This intriguing story is full of unexpected twists and turns that keeps the audience on their toes, with suspense and surprise as key elements of the movie.
Finally, the movie Searching is a tech-driven mystery thriller that focuses on the search of a missing sixteen-year-old girl and uses all sorts of computer-based devices and applications to tell the story of a concerned father. Not only does this movie does a great job in storytelling, but it also makes a sharp statement about the dangers of technology, making it a very enjoyable movie to watch.

Controversies Around Thriller Movies

Despite its success, some people question the consequences of watching thriller movies and its potential effect on the audience. It is often argued that some thriller movies can be too violent and graphic, which can trigger anxiety and negative thoughts in the viewers.
Proponents of this opinion suggest that it is not recommend to expose children to such movies, as it could cause thriller movies. However, supporters of the thriller genre claim that such worries are unfounded. As long as the viewers are of a certain age, and as long as they be aware of the dark atmosphere, this films can and should be enjoyed.
On the other hand, there are some people who think that thrillers movies do not communicate any meaningful stories and that such movies merely represent a waste of time with no real entertainment or purpose other than escaping life’s situation. Critics of this opinion believe that this view exaggerates the case and that thrillers can actually have a lot to offer in terms of storytelling, acting and atmosphere.


In conclusion, thriller movies have become a renowned and important genre that shows no sings of disappearing. Not only do these movies bring joy and suspense in our otherwise dull lives, but they can also help us to become more aware of certain life situations and issues.
No matter the type, all thriller movies have a powerful impact on its viewers, either on a conscious or subconscious level. By examining its characters and situations, we can learn to face our fears and make a better world by being more thoughtful and creative.
Finally, it is undeniable that thrillers have evolved to become an even more engaging, unpredictable and innovative genre. As the times go by, the stories become more intricate and more tech-driven, making these movies more exciting than ever.

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