Must Watch Teenage Romance Movies

Romance is in the air! Whether you’re a teenage girl or a grown adult, movies featuring teenage romance are a must-watch for anyone looking for an enjoyable viewing experience. Yes, a romantic comedy can lighten up any mood, but it’s the sincerity and intensity of teenage love stories that often make them stand out from the crowd. This list of must-watch teenage romance movies features some of the best coming-of-age films, along with some classic romantic tales.

After the days’ long run of classes, students come home all worn out, only to be smothered with extra homework activities, the last thing they want to do is watch a movie that requires a lot of concentration. Teenage romance movies offer them a way to relax, get away from their reality and give them an insight into something they are not yet allowed to pursue. Whether it’s a contemporary story of two teens falling in love or a classic tale of two star-crossed lovers from different worlds, teenage romance movies keep the audience engaged and entertained.

Psychotherapist and counsellor Dr. Andréa Bonior explains that “teens react emotionally to the feelings that the movie portrays. These feelings can be very real for them – falling in love for the first time, being away from home, dealing with difficulty relating to parents, heartbreak and more.” According to Dr. Bonior, viewing a teenage romance movie can actually make the viewer feel better when going through a difficult time of adjusting to the changes in life.

Movies featuring teenage love stories help viewers experience the notion of “true love” without taking any risks. As cheesy as these romance films can be, they offer young viewers an opportunity to imagine life beyond their mundane lives and live through the characters in the movie. A great example of a movie that allows us to experience this sentiment is the famous coming-of-age movie The Fault in Our Stars. Written by John Green, this cinematic gem is often praised as one of the most impactful teenage romance stories ever made.

Along with The Fault in Our Stars, there are other tremendous teen romance films that made their mark in their respective genres, such as Twilight, Crazy Rich Asians, He’s Just Not That Into You, and the iconic Sixteen Candles. All these movies allow us to take a peek into the complexities of high school relationships, all the while allowing us to laugh and relate to the main characters. Even though each of these films are vastly different from one another, they all have the same essentially uplifting effect on the audience.

Other Must-Watch Teenage Romance Films

Other iconic teenage romance films that are definitely worth-watching are Say Anything…, Mean Girls, Lady Bird, A Walk to Remember, and The Spectacular Now. All these movies portray certain facets of a teenage love story; for example, Lady Bird provides a strong setting for an authentic representation of feelings and substance, A Walk to Remember gives us a heart-warming lesson on being in love, and The Spectacular Now gives us a glimpse into the poor choices that come with teenage life.

Though all of these films deal with teenage romance in their own way, they all shed some light on the problems and joys of this age without judging or glamorizing it. From heavy themes of loss to youthful storylines of happy endings, these films tell stories that the audience can really connect with.

For anyone who loves to escape the reality and experience a romantic movie with a compelling storyline, these are some of the most essential teenage romance films to watch. All these films are entertaining and have something to offer for every type of viewer.

Lesser Known Teenage Romance Movies

Along with the more popular teenage romance films, there are also some lesser known ones that are worth the watch. Among the many is Haley Jennings’ Finding Jessica, a beautiful tale of a library worker Haley who is dealing with the loss of her first love. Her boyfriend’s death has left her heartbroken, and Haley finds solace in the help of her friend Darcy who encourages her to find love again. Together they embark on an unlikely journey to find Haley’s ex-boyfriend’s sister Jessica in the town of Fire Beach. The story takes unexpected turns as Haley finds out that being able to move on is not as easy as it seemed.

Another heart-warming tale is the charming In Pictures: A Story of Love and War, which was released in 2014. This film revolves around Jude, a 15-year-old girl who is grieving the loss of her father as the war rages on. During this time, she finds solace in her new love Cameron, who helps her connect with her father’s war buddy. The story follows Jude and Cameron as they go on a road trip to find the mystery man in attempt to get closer to Jude’s father, but on their journey the two of them find something more important than their mission.

Then there’s Everyone’s Waiting, a remarkable Australian film set in Brisbane. 16-year-old Natalie is a rebellious teenager who just lost her father to cancer. She’s dealing with her loss by getting involved in dangerous activities while trying to make new friends. Eventually, Natalie finds love with a boy named Dean, who helps her move on and deal with her sadness. As their relationship unfolds, the two of them navigate their way through the miles of emotions before finally finding a way to cope with the losses they both faced.

These are some of the lesser known but equally compelling movies that demonstrate the complexities of teenage love. However, their stories are just as inspiring as those in the popular teenage romance movies.

Romantic Comedies Featuring Teenagers

If you’re looking for a light-hearted film that still contains elements of teenage romance, then look no further than 10 Things I Hate About You, Easy A or She’s All That. These classic romantic comedies are filled with teenage angst and heart-warming moments that are perfect for a lighthearted movie night. Whether it’s the witty repartees between Cameron and Kat in 10 Things I Hate About You, or the friendship between Olive and Brandon in Easy A, these films all provide enjoyable stories that are full of relatable moments.

Another great romantic comedy featuring teenage characters is Clueless. This memorable classic is one of the most iconic and universally famous teenage love stories. This witty comedy tells the story of Cher, a shallow and pampered schoolgirl, who is clueless (obviously!) about the consequences of her shallow and selfish ways. But as the movie progresses, she learns to see the world through a different light and her outlook towards love and life undergoes a dramatic change.

These romantic comedies do more than just have a teenage romance at their core, they also provide some great life lessons that every viewer can appreciate. Through witty dialogues, humorous situations, and tear-jerking moments, these movies are perfect for anyone looking for an entertaining and heartwarming film.

Romantic Fantasies Featuring Teenage Characters

If you’re looking for some enticing romantic fantasies featuring teenage characters, then The Princess Diaries, Ella Enchanted, and The Duff are the perfect choices. In The Princess Diaries, we follow Mia Thermopolis as she discovers the unusual news that she is the rightful heir to the throne of a small European principality. This romantic comedy is sure to keep you chuckling as Mia struggles to adjust to her newfound title and a possible prince charming. On the other hand, in Ella Enchanted, we follow Ella of Frell as she embarks on a quest to break the curse of obedience that was bestowed on her at birth. This coming-of-age fantasy is sure to captivate the hearts of everyone with its enchanting story and magical visuals.

Another great fantasy-romance is The Duff, which follows Bianca, the designated ugly fat friend in her high school. Her life is turned upside down when she discovers that she has been classified as “the duff” of her group by her schoolmates. Through her charming story, this movie attempts to challenge the existing beauty standards, while also shaming society’s efforts to put labels on people. All of these movies provide perfect romances between teenage characters, while transporting viewers to a world of fun and fantasy.

What Makes these Movies so Watchable?

These teenage romance movies have become so watched mainly because of their relatable stories. No matter what walk of life someone is from, viewers can uncover something special in these stories. Teenage romance movies have an ability to provide comfort that is hard to find elsewhere in a troubled world.

The highs and lows of a teenage relationship are one of the main reasons why these movies are so popular. Whether it’s first love or heart break, viewers are able to connect to these stories and find comfort in their familiarity. From the innocent love of Say Anything to the heart-achingly intense one of The Fault In Our Stars, teenage romance movies provide the right kind of support to the viewership during difficult transitions of life.

This combination of familiarity and entertainment joyfully entertains viewers from the comforts of their homes. Romance is something that everyone can relate to – and teenage romance movies make it all the more enjoyable. They provide the perfect entertainment for great movie nights or a relaxing evening with friends.

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