Must Watch Tamil Crime Thriller Movies

Crime thrillers are a genre of films that explore criminality, its motives and its consequences. They are often fast-paced, high-action films with lots of suspense and heart-pounding scenes. Tamil crime thrillers have remained popular for decades, generating some of Pinoy cinemas greatest classics. Here we take a look at five ‘must watch’ Tamil crime films that are sure to have the viewer on the edge of their seat.

The first is the well known 2002 release ‘Ramana’. This gritty crime thriller stars Vijaykanth as Ramana, a ruthless ganglord. After a police raid on one of his gambling dens, he is later framed for the murder of a local politician. He must use all his wits to protect himself and his gang in this fast-paced movie. The direction is tight and the acting is accurate making this a very enjoyable viewing experience.

Next, is the 1994 release ‘Bharathi Kannamma’, which was written and directed by P. Vasu. The movie follows the story of two young lovers, Bharathi and Kannamma. Kannamma is accused of a murder she did not commit and Bharathi must use all of his investigative skills to prove her innocence. The movie is a heart-stopping crime thriller as the pair fight to clear Kannamma’s name. It is praised for its suspenseful yet sensitive approach to the story and its excellent soundtrack.

We also have the 2005 movie ‘Vettaiyadu Vilayadu’ which stars Kamal Hassan in the lead role. He plays a police officer on a mission to track down a murderer. This is a classic cat-and-mouse crime thriller and is full of surprises. The movie also stars Jyothika as the female lead and their chemistry makes for an even more thrilling ride. The climax scene is also a heart-stopper and will keep the viewer glued to their seat till the very end.

The fourth movie on our list is the 2003 release ‘Ayudha Ezhuthu’. Directed by Mani Ratnam, it stars Suriya, Madhavan and Siddharth in the lead roles. This movie tells the story of three friends whose lives are shattered when a political assassination takes place in their hometown. Uncovering the truth behind the crime brings them closer together as they discover their own individual strengths. The music of this movie is its main attraction as it complements the scenes with subtle yet powerful scores.

The fifth ‘must watch’ movie is the 2004 release ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. This movie stars Suriya and Jyothika as two police officers who must solve a serial murder case. The movie is full of twists and turns as the characters weave their way in and out of danger. The highlight of this film is the relationship between the two leads who develop a strong bond as they work together to solve the case. The climax is full of suspense and is sure to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat till the very end.


Tamil crime thrillers are often fast-paced and action-packed as they take the viewer on a roller-coaster ride of suspense and excitement. These movies provoke thoughtful discussion and often highlight the complexities of human nature. Viewers can take away valuable lessons on justice, morality and the consequences of crime. The thrillers also contain excellent soundtracks which complement the scenes and set the tone perfectly.

Writing Styles

From tight direction to seamless transitions, Tamil crime thrillers are often praised for their excellent story creation and writing style. Cinematic techniques, such as visual metaphors and character perspectives, are used to increase the suspense and keep the viewer engaged in the story. Every scene and every moment of dialogue conveys meaning, building suspense and anticipation.


Tamil crime thrillers are full of nerve-wracking suspense and action-packed sequences that keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. The story arcs often invite thoughtful discussion and exploration as we follow the characters’ journey to justice. With memorable performances and excellent soundtracks, these five ‘must watch’ Tamil crime thrillers are sure to have you wanting more.

Awards and Recognition

These classic crime thrillers have been critically acclaimed for their tight direction and stellar performances. These movies have won several awards such as the International Indian Film Awards, the Filmfare Awards and the National Film Awards. They are celebrated for their powerful storylines, excellent soundtracks, and thought-provoking approach to crime.


Many of these Tamil crimes thrillers have been remade in several languages. They appealed not only to the Indian audience, but also foreign viewers who could appreciate the stories which resonated beyond cultural boundaries. This is a testament to the timeless nature of these movies and their ability to captivate audiences even after decades.

Impact on Audience

Tamil crime thrillers have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the audience. They often tackle real-world issues such as justice, morality and the consequences of crime. The impact of these themes can be long-lasting, leaving the audience reflective and inspired to take action. These movies can also bring about a change in attitude and thought process, motivating viewers to think about their own beliefs and values.

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