Must Watch Romance Movies 2021

Romance films are often admired for their ability to capture the depth of emotion that comes with falling in love. They can also be moving, funny and light-hearted. In 2021, there are a range of films that tick all these boxes. Here are some of the best romance movies to watch this year!

1. New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me follows Alice – an ambitious fashion assistant determined to make a name for herself in fashion. Despite her career drive, Alice is also looking for love and stability, and when she meets Carter, a start-up entrepreneur, her life takes a turn. This charming romantic comedy is perfect for the romantic in all of us who are looking to start the new year off right.

2. Finding You

This young adult romantic drama is set in Ireland and follows the journey of a young American actor to the small village of his ancestors to star in a play. Immersed in the local culture, he finds friendship, love and ultimately himself. Finding You is an uplifting tale of romance and self-discovery, with incredible cinematography set amidst the stunning Irish countryside.

3. Happiest Season

Happiest Season follows the story of Abby, a young woman in a long-term relationship. With her partner, Harper, she heads to Harper’s home for the traditional family Christmas. Abby soon learns that Harper hasn’t yet come out to her family, plunging them both into a stressful family holiday that leaves Abby questioning her relationship. This film is a charming and playful take on the classic holiday romance.

4. All My Life

All My Life is a romantic drama based on a true story that follows the lives of couple Jenn Carter and Sol Goldstein and their fight for love. After receiving a devastating health diagnosis, Jenn and Sol decide to move up their wedding and their story quickly becomes one of courage and resilience. All My Life is a heart-wrenching and inspiring reminder of love’s power to overcome adversity.

5. The Photograph

Michaela Coel gives a mesmerizing performance in The Photograph, a romantic drama that follows the stories of two inseparable couples. After being shown a mysterious photograph, a journalist uncovers the secrets of her mother and grandmother’s past, while a young photographer embarks on a whirlwind romance with his subject. This film is an exquisite reminder of how love transcends time, and of its power to bring family together.

6. To All The Boys: Always and Forever

This third installment of the popular To All The Boys series follows the journey of Lara Jean and Peter as they prepare for the next stage of their lives – college. While college decisions will shape the direction of their relationship, Lara Jean and Peter must confront the uncertainties of adulthood and make some tough choices about the future. This heartfelt romantic comedy is sure to leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

7. Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman is a unique take on the genre, and tells the story of a young woman who takes her revenge after a traumatic event. While this revenge-driven story is driven by modern feminist themes, unexpected romantic moments add an unexpected touch of magic to the film. It’s a must-watch for its intriguing plot, incredible performances and fresh perspective on the classic genre.

8. Wild Mountain Thyme

Wild Mountain Thyme is a classic romantic comedy set in the beautiful Irish countryside. It tells the story of two feuding families and their rival children, Rosemary and Anthony, whose paths cross unexpectedly. This delightful and poetic film is a perfect slice of escapism, full of romantic moments, gorgeous visuals and warm, lighthearted humour.

Extra Section 1: Comedy Romance

Comedy romances often focus on the funny and sometimes farcical moments of falling in love. From the perpetual romantic failures in The Big Sick to the charming odd couple in Notting Hill, these movies add plenty of laughs in between the swoon-worthy moments. Bridesmaids and Crazy Rich Asians are two of the most popular comedies of the past few years so make sure to check them out!

Extra Section 2: Indie Romance

Indie romances provide a great alternative to big-budget blockbusters and often give a far more nuanced and honest look into relationships. From Obvious Child, which follows a young woman’s journey through an unexpected pregnancy, to The Spectacular Now, which tells the story of a complicated romance between two struggling teens, these unique romance movies are sure to leave you touched.

Extra Section 3: Contemporary Romance

Contemporary romance movies explore the complexities of modern love. These stories often tell more realistic tales of dating, relationship struggles and ultimately, love’s victories. The popular franchise The Fault In Our Stars, based on the book by John Green, and the romantic drama A Star Is Born, featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, are two examples of emotionally powerful contemporary romance movies.

Extra Section 4: Time Travel Romance

Time travel romance movies are a unique spin on the classic romantic genre. From the time-travelling ragdoll of About Time to the modern love story of Midnight In Paris and the science fiction romance movie The Time Traveler’s Wife. These movies explore the lengths people will go to for love, even across time and space.

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