Must Watch Hindi Thriller Movies

1. Intro

When it comes to Bollywood, Hindi Thriller movies are the most amazing thing to watch. They are full of mystery, suspense, and drama, making them not just gripping but also very addictive. From intense performances to amazing soundtracks and gripping story lines, Hindi Thrillers have it all. Whether it’s a edge-of-the-seat horror flick, an unpredictable suspense yarn, or an edge-of-your-seat crime thriller, there are plenty of Hindi Thriller movies out there to remember.

2. Crime Thrillers

Crime thrillers are some of the most gripping Hindi Thriller movies. They usually revolve around an intense investigation, where the protagonist is trying to uncover the mystery behind a crime or a series of crimes. The entire film has a lot of twists and turns which makes it extremely gripping. Some of the best Hindi Thriller crime movie examples are Article 15, Badla, Kaabil, Talvar, Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami, and Special 26. All of these movies keep you guessing till the very end, making it an absolute thrill ride.

3. Suspense Thrillers

Suspense thrillers areBollywood’s version of the psychological thrillers. The entire movie is focused on the suspense and creating an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue. The audience is kept guessing time after time, till the unexpected ending that makes the entire movie gripping. Movies such as Kahaani, Ek Thi Daayan, Ishqiya, and Drishyamare some of the best examples of suspense thrillers.

4. Horror Thrillers

Horror thrillers are undoubtedly one of the most gripping genres of Hindi Thriller movies. They are full of shock, fear, and suspense which keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Movies like Bhoot, Raaz, Saaho, Raaz Reboot and Stree have become cult classics. All of these movies are full of jump scares, twists and turns that make it an absolute must-watch.

5. Psychological Thrillers

Psychological thrillers are a more intense and complex form of suspense thrillers. They are usually about a protagonist who is trying to uncover a certain mystery which is related to either their own past or someone else’s. They usually have mind-boggling plot-twists which keep the viewers captivated till the very end. Movies like K hatron Ke Khiladi, Race, Talaashi, and Wazir are some of the best examples of Psychological Thrillers.

6. Mystery Thrillers

Mystery Thrillers are the ones that keep the audience guessing the entire time. They revolve around a central mystery, and the protagonist is trying to uncover it and solve it. The entire movie is full of twists and turns, and the ending is often completely unexpected. The best examples of Mystery Thriller Hindi movies are Mere Dad Ki Maruti, Talvar, Badlapur and Ghajini.

7. Action Thrillers

Action thrillers are a brilliant combination of action and suspense. These movies have a heavy emphasis on action, but it is usually intertwined with a gripping story line which makes them even more thrilling. Action thrillers like War, Sikander, and Kabir Singh have been some of the biggest hits in recent years.

8. The Impact

Hindi Thriller movies have been incredibly popular for decades now, and their appeal has only grown in recent years. These movies have not just entertained but also kept the audience guessing till the very end, making them a must watch. From crime thrillers to action packed mystery thrillers, these movies have something for everyone.

9. Expert Opinions

Experts in the field of cinema all across the globe agree that Hindi Thriller movies are a genre that stands out in its own. They have been hugely influential in popular culture and have had a long lasting impact on the viewers. Filmmaker and movie critic Sagar Jandiya in an interview said that “ Hindi Thrillers are some of the most gripping movies out there. They manage to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with their suspenseful plot-lines and unexpected twists.”

10. My Own Analysis

From my own experience, I can definitively say that Hindi Thriller movies are an absolute must watch. They manage to give an almost adrenaline rush-like feeling to the viewers, especially in crime thrillers and thriller-mysteries. Apart from the an intense story-line, the movies also feature some amazing performances from the actors, which make them even more gripping and compelling.

11. Social Media

Hindi Thriller movies have also become quite popular on social media, making them even more mainstream. People are posting recommendations, discussing the plot-twists, and creating memes on the movies, making them a global phenomenon. This is testament to the popularity of Hindi Thrillers which has only been increasing over the years.

12. Adaptations

Not just in India, but Hindi Thriller movies are being adapted and remade in Hollywood, making it an international phenomenon. This is because of the appeal of these movies and the compelling story-lines that have managed to captivate global audiences. Movies like The Departed and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo are remakes of Hindi Thriller movies, which only goes to show the power of this genre.

13. Soundtracks

Soundtracks have also played a huge role in increasing the appeal of Hindi Thriller movies. Be it intense background music in crime-thrillers, or suspenseful and eerie music in horror-thrillers, these songs have definitely added to the thrill-factor of these movies. Some of the most popular songs from Hindi Thriller movies are Maahi Ve, the BGM of Kahaani, and the title track of Badla.

14. Great Performances

Apart from the plot, music and cinematography, it is hard to ignore the performances in Hindi Thriller movies. Well known actors have given some of the most electrifying performances, making them stand out in the genre. Be it Nawazuddin Siddqui in Badlapur, or Emran Hashmi in Talaash, these characters will definitely stay with the audience for a long time.

15. The Art

Hindi Thriller movies also serve as a great example of cinema art. They have managed to use film making techniques to create an environment of mystery and suspense. The lighting, camera angles, and sound effects have all been used to great effect in these movies, making them even more gripping and intense.

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