Must Watch Action Thriller Movies On Netflix

Must watch Action Thriller Movies on Netflix

Netflix has an impressive selection of movies that allows people to watch thriller movies from around the world. Action thriller movies can be a great way to escape the realities of everyday life. Not only do they provide a welcome break from the mundane, they also provide an opportunity to explore and appreciate different cultures. While some action thrillers are intense, others are fun and lighthearted. Here are must watch action thriller movies on Netflix.

John Wick Series

The John Wick movies feature a seemingly indestructible former hitman brought out of retirement by a ruthless Russian mob figure. John Wick is quickly propelled from passenger to hero as he embarks on an epic mission to kill his enemies and avenge his loved one. The movies are loaded with exciting fight scenes, breathtaking stunts, and plenty of intrigue. Plus, the supporting cast of Jason Mosberg and Ian McShane add a touch of class.

Ocean’s Trilogy

The Ocean’s trilogy stars an ensemble cast of A-listers, each with their own area of expertise. The movies follow Danny Ocean and his team of specialists as they embark on a seemingly impossible mission to steal millions of dollars from various casinos. The movies are filled with suspense, humor, and plenty of thrilling twists and turns.

La Femme Nikita

La Femme Nikita is an edgy action thriller about a young woman sent to prison after killing a policeman during a botched robbery. She is then tapped to become a covert operative and is trained to become a lethal weapon. As she embarks on her mission, she discovers that everything is not as it seems. The movie is set to a cutting-edge techno soundtrack and is filled with dynamic fight scenes and lots of suspense.

The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity stars Matt Damon as an amnesic assassin on the run from the CIA. Working against incredible odds, he must unravel the mystery of his past in order to save himself from certain death. The movie features exciting car chases, intense shootouts, and a great supporting cast of Brian Cox, Chris Cooper and Franka Potente.

Mission Impossible Series

The Mission Impossible series stars Tom Cruise as a daring secret agent who embarks on a variety of dangerous missions. The movies are chock-full of incredible action sequences and jaw-dropping stunts. Plus, the supporting cast of Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner add the perfect touch of comedy.

13 Assassins

13 Assassins is an action-packed historical thriller set in feudal Japan. It follows a band of warriors as they embark on a seemingly impossible mission to assassinate an evil lord. Filled with intricate fight scenes and brilliant cinematography, the movie is a must-watch for action fans. Plus, it serves as an insightful look into Japanese culture and traditions.

Jack Ryan Series

The Jack Ryan movies star Chris Pine as an intelligence analyst who is thrust into the center of an international conspiracy. The films are a riveting mix of action, suspense, and intrigue. Plus, they feature an incredible supporting cast of Keira Knightley, Kevin Costner and Kenneth Branagh.

No Escape

No Escape stars Owen Wilson as an American businessman whose life goes awry when he moves his family to Southeast Asia. Faced with a dangerous and seemingly unstoppable enemy, he must use every resource at his disposal in order to survive. The movie is full of intense action sequences and a twisty plotline.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a fast-paced action comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. as a bumbling thief turned detective. With the help of a sexy femme fatale, he embarks on a mission to solve a mysterious crime. Filled with clever quips, witty dialogue, and plenty of thrills, the movie is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Italian Job

The Italian Job stars Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Edward Norton in a thrilling tale of a group of thieves seeking revenge. With the help of a crack team of drivers and specialists, they must pull off the most daring heist of all time. The movie is a mix of intense action sequences, cool car chases and clever plot twists.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer stars Denzel Washington as a retired government agent who must take on a powerful Russian mobster. With the help of a brilliant hacker, he embarks on a mission to save a teenage girl from certain death. The movie is filled with explosive fight scenes and plenty of suspense.


Non-Stop stars Liam Neeson as an air marshal on a flight from New York to London. When someone on board begins to threaten the lives of the passengers, he must use all of his wits and resources to save them. The movie features an intense plotline, thrilling action sequences, and a stellar supporting cast of Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery and Scoot McNairy.


Shooter stars Mark Wahlberg as an elite sniper trying to clear his name after he is framed for murder. With the help of a veteran FBI agent, he embarks on a mission to take down the real killers. The movie has plenty of intense gun battles, close-quarter fight scenes, and an intriguing plot.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow stars Tom Cruise as a soldier who must battle alien forces in order to save the world. With the help of a special military unit, he must use a time loop to gain the upper hand. The movie is an impressively suspenseful, action-packed and often humorous thrill ride.

Escape Plan

Escape Plan stars Sylvester Stalone and the late, great Arnold Schwarzenegger in an intense tale of two prisoners working together to escape from a maximum security prison. With the help of a network of sophisticated gadgets, they must outwit their captors and make a daring escape. The movie is filled with heart-stopping action sequences, a compelling plot, and some truly iconic one-liners.

Die Hard

Die Hard stars Bruce Willis as a New York City cop taken hostage by a group of terrorists. With the help of a gritty sergeant, he must use all of his skills and resources to defeat the bad guys. Die Hard is an exciting and often thrilling action movie that has become a classic of the genre.

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