Must See Thriller Movies On Netflix

How Thrillers Keep You Engaged

Netflix has a seemingly endless array of movie genres. But if you’re looking for something to really draw you in and keep you gripped, then you should take a look at the range of thriller movies that are available on the platform. Thrillers are great for intense, edge-of-your-seat viewing, and Netflix has some great movies to watch.
A thriller is a movie genre that builds tension and suspense. The goal of thrillers is to keep the audience on their toes as they anticipate and predict the outcome of the story. In these types of movies, the action is often ramped up towards a climactic ending. Good thriller movies can leave you feeling exhilarated, shocked and enthralled in equal measure.
Thrillers often take familiar story elements and twists them around. This can make them unpredictable and captivating as viewers discover new twists as the story unfolds. What makes these movies so exciting is that they push viewers to ask questions and attempt to solve the mystery along with the movie’s characters. The story often relies on audience participation to further the plot.
However, not all thrillers are created equally. In order to have a truly thrilling experience, look out for movies that have tight editing, a well-crafted narrative, strong characters and a sense of urgency. These elements are important not only for the genre, but for all great movies.
Netflix has a wide selection of thriller movies, ranging from psychological thrillers to classic crime dramas. From small-scale indie movies to Hollywood blockbusters, Netflix is the perfect place to get your thriller fix.

Must See Thriller Movies on Netflix

Bird Box is one of Netflix’s most successful original thrillers. The story follows a woman and her two kids, who must wear blindfolds in order to remain safe from a mysterious force that’s causing mass chaos. The tension and suspense in the movie will keep you hooked until the very end.
If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, you should check out Gone Girl. This movie stars Rosamund Pike in an Oscar-nominated performance as a woman who goes missing. The mystery unfolds as the media, her husband and the townspeople question her disappearance.
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is another classic psychological thriller. The film follows a journalist who attempts to solve a decades-old murder while dealing with extreme behavior from a convicted hacker.
Another must-see thriller is Wind River. This is a crime drama set in a remote wintry landscape. The movie follows an FBI agent and a local game tracker who investigate the murder of a young woman.
If you’re looking for a classic thriller on Netflix, then check out The Departed. This classic Martin Scorsese movie follows an undercover cop and a criminal informs who both attempt to identify each other.

Realistic Thrillers

Netflix also has a wide selection of gritty, realistic thrillers that integrate complex and sometimes dark themes. Zodiac is one of these movies. This classic David Fincher movie follows a local journalist, a cartoonist and a reporter as they attempt to solve a string of homicides in the San Francisco Bay Area. In order to do so, they must match a killer’s identity to a series of cryptic letters he had sent to newspapers.
Jacob’s Ladder is another thrilling tale focusing on the psychological aspects of war. The movie follows a Vietnam veteran who comes home with extreme mental trauma. He must untangle his real-world disorientation and hallucinations to determine if the things he is experiencing are real or imagined.

Mind-Bending Thrillers

Netflix also offers some mind-bending thrillers. A great example is Inception, a movie which follows a group of professional thieves who attempt to break into the human psyche by planting ideas in the subconscious mind of their target.
Cold War is another movie to check out if you’re looking for a mind-altering thriller. This suspenseful sci-fi movie follows a group of scientists as they attempt to open a portal to a parallel world. As the story progresses, viewers are presented with shock twists that challenge the reality of the world they’re witnessing.

Survival Thrillers

If you’re looking for movies with an underdog hero in a fight for survival, Netflix has several great options. The Shallows is a great example. This movie follows a surfer who must battle a great white shark while stranded 200 yards from shore.
Another great movie is 127 Hours. This movie follows a mountaineer whose survival story is the stuff of legend. After getting trapped between two boulders in a remote Utah canyon, he must use willpower, courage and resourcefulness to survive.

High Octane Thrillers

Netflix has some great high octane thrillers if you’re looking for something that’s fast-paced and action-packed. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is a great example. This movie follows the IMF team as they attempt to save the world from a nuclear disaster.
If you’re looking for a classic espionage movie, then look no further than Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. This movie follows an intelligence officer in the British Secret Service, who must identify a Russian mole in MI6.

Horror Thrillers

If you’re looking for a horror thrillers, then Netflix has plenty of options to choose from. The Conjuring is one of the best horror movies available on Netflix, and tells the story of a family who encounter a supernatural force in their new home.
If you’re looking for a classic horror movie, then check out The Silence of the Lambs. This thriller follows an FBI agent who must enlist the help of a cannibalistic serial killer in order to solve a series of grisly murders.
Finally, if you’re looking for a modern horror movie, then A Quiet Place is the movie for you. This movie follows a family who must remain silent in order to survive an attack from an unknown force in the outside world.

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