Must See Thriller Movies Of The Decade

Thriller Movies of the Decade – An Overview

The 2010s were an action-packed, thrilling decade for cinema. From fast-paced psychological thrillers to gripping international espionage, the decade had it all, and the thrillers of the decade set the bar high for the future. Here’s an overview of five must-see thriller movies of the decade.

First up is the 2010 classic, Inception. Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a thief who is recruited to extract secrets from the mind of a businessman. The film blends the concept of dreams, reality, and the power of the subconscious to create a unique, non-linear narrative that captivates audiences. With breathtaking visuals, sharp writing, and excellent performances from the entire cast, Inception is an unforgettable thrill ride.

The next must-watch thriller is the 2017 psychological suspenseful gem, A Ghost Story. The film focuses on an unlikely young couple struggling to overcome the death of one of them. Beautifully shot and emotionally charged, the film is a heart-wrenching exploration of love, loss, and our connection with mortality.

Another movie to add to the list is the 2018 British drama Humiliation Directed by Peter Strickland, the film stars Rosamund Pike and James McAvoy as two estranged siblings whose lives intersect as they become embroiled in a conspiracy involving a corrupt media mogul. Dark and bold, Humiliation is both a gripping thriller and a powerful meditation on modern family dynamics.

One more must-see movie is the 2019 documentary-style film A Family Man. Directed by the acclaimed director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the film follows one father’s journey to uncover the truth behind his son’s mysterious murder. Poignant and gripping, A Family Man is a powerful exploration of grief and justice.

The final film to add to your must-watch list is the 2018 sci-fi noir film Upgrade. Directed by Leigh Whannell, the film stars Logan Marshall-Green as a man who undergoes a radical cybernetic upgrade to save his life. With intense action sequences and thought-provoking themes, Upgrade is a compelling look at the implications of advanced technology.

Thriller Movies of the Decade – Psychological Thrillers

When it comes to psychological thrillers, the 2010s unleashed a plethora of gripping suspenseful flicks. From instant classics like Gone Girl to highly acclaimed indies like The Lobster, the decade saw some truly groundbreaking films. Here are five must-see psychological thrillers of the decade.

One of the most popular psychological thrillers of the decade was 2014’s Gone Girl. Directed by David Fincher, the film stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as a married couple whose relationship takes a sinister turn. With its intense subject matter, brilliant performances, and deep exploration of morality, Gone Girl is a must-watch.

Another must-watch is the 2015 British black-comedy-thriller Ex Machina. Directed by Alex Garland, the film stars Domhnall Gleeson as a programmer who is brought to an isolated retreat to evaluate an advanced artificial intelligence system. With its stunning visuals and thought-provoking themes, Ex Machina is a cerebral exploration of the power of technology.

The psychological thriller category also includes the 2014 British-American drama Nightcrawler. Directed by Dan Gilroy, the film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a loner turned freelance cameraman who begins to blur the line between journalism and exploitation. With its dark, gritty atmosphere and nuanced performances, Nightcrawler is a must-watch.

The 2016 psychological drama Split is another must-see thriller. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, the film stars James McAvoy as a man with dissociative identity disorder who abducts three teenage girls. With its intense tension and thought-provoking themes, Split is a gripping exploration of cognitive dissonance.

Finally, the 2019 psychological thriller The Audition is a must-watch for thrill-seekers. Directed by Sergio Castellitto and starring Paul Newman, the film follows a struggling actor as he navigates the hellish world of Hollywood. With its darkly humorous tone and compelling performances, The Audition is both a captivating thriller and a scathing indictment of the entertainment industry.

Thriller Movies of the Decade – International Espionage

This decade also saw a number of acclaimed international espionage thrillers. From taut and gritty character studies to adrenalized spy-filled actioners, the decade had it all. Here are five must-see international espionage films of the decade.

The 2010 French action-thriller Taken stars Liam Neeson as a retired secret service agent who must rescue his daughter from a criminal organization. Fast-paced and action-packed, the film is an adrenaline-filled ride that left audiences on the edge of their seats.

The 2012 Martin Scorsese-directed political thriller The Wolf of Wall Street is another must-watch. Featuring an all-star cast led by Leonardo DiCaprio, the film follows an ambitious stockbroker as he attempts to evade corruption charges. A wild, scathingly funny ride, The Wolf of Wall Street is a subversive exploration of greed and excess.

Another international espionage film to add to the list is the 2016 Chinese-American action-thriller The Great Wall. Directed by Zhang Yimou, the film stars Matt Damon as a mercenary who joins forces with an army of elite warriors to defend the Great Wall of China from a monstrous threat. With its explosive action set pieces and stunning visuals, The Great Wall is a thrilling ride.

The 2017 American action-thriller Atomic Blonde is another must-see. Directed by David Leitch, the film stars Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent in 1980s Berlin on a mission to uncover the identity of a double agent. Utilizing Theron’s incredible physicality and technical precision, the film is a thrashing, bone-crunching, vehicle-chase-fueled thrill ride.

The final film to add to your must-watch list is the 2017 German-British spy thriller Atomic X. Directed by Tomas Alfredson, the film stars Gary Oldman as a spy on a mission to uncover a network of shadowy agents. With its stellar performances, sharp script, and gripping plot twists, Atomic X is a perfectly crafted piece of entertainment.

Thriller Movies of the Decade – Adventure Thrillers

This decade also saw a resurgence in the adventure thriller genre. From high-octane car chases to key framed narratives, the decade saw some truly innovative entries. Here are five must-see adventure thrillers of the decade.

One of the first films to kick off the trend was the 2015 action-comedy Spy. Directed by Paul Feig, the film stars Melissa McCarthy as an unlikely secret agent who embarks on a globe-trotting mission to uncover a secret weapons plot. With its vibrant action sequences and gut-busting humor, Spy is an adrenalized blast.

The 2017 action-thriller Baby Driver is another must-watch. Directed by Edgar Wright, the film stars Ansel Elgort as a young getaway driver whose life is thrown into chaos when he is forced to work for a crime boss. Featuring some of the most exciting car chases in recent memory, Baby Driver is a thrilling ride.

The 2018 French heist-thriller Le Grand Jeu is another must-see. Directed by Jacques Audiard, the film stars Romain Duris as a criminal mastermind who is recruited to break into a secure vault located in a luxurious casino. With its stunning visuals and complex characters, Le Grand Jeu is an intense and gripping adventure.

The 2016 animated adventure-thriller Kubo and the Two Strings is another must-watch. Directed by Travis Knight, the film follows a young boy on a quest to uncover his family’s secrets. With its breathtaking visuals and spectacular voice cast, Kubo and the Two Strings is an exhilarating adventure.

The last film to add to your must-watch list is the 2017 South Korean action-thriller The Villainess. Directed by Jung Byung-gil, the film stars Kim Ok-vin as a trained assassin who is hunted by her own government. With its kinetic action sequences and powerful female protagonist, The Villainess is an exhilarating thrill ride.

Thriller Movies of the Decade – Crime Thrillers

The 2010s were a great decade for crime thrillers too. From gritty neo-noir flicks to stylish capers, the decade had it all. Here are five must-see crime thrillers of the decade.

The 2011 American neo-noir Drive is an instant classic. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the film stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who becomes embroiled in an act of violence. With its striking visuals and unforgettable soundtrack, Drive is an electrifying experience.

The 2013 British crime-thriller Calvary is another must-watch. Directed by John Michael McDonagh, the film stars Brendan Gleeson as a priest who must confront his dark past when he is threatened by a parishioner. With its unpredictable twists and gripping moral ambiguity, Calvary is a compelling exploration of faith and justice.

The 2015 crime-thriller Sicario is another must-see. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, the film follows an FBI agent as she is drawn into a cross-border drug war. With its harrowing violence and sharply drawn characters, Sicario is an intense and thought-provoking crime-thriller.

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