How To Train Your Dragon Fantasy Movies

How to Train Your Dragon Fantasy Movies

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ fantasy movie series has captured the hearts of millions of viewers since it first hit the big screens in 2010. Based on Cressida Cowell’s book series of the same name, the filmography follows a young Viking adolescent, Hiccup, and his journey to become a dragon-slayer. His friendship and bond with a particular dragon, Toothless, eventually leads him to discover a secret world of dragons and to become a dragon-trainer, using his skills to protect both humans and dragons.

Following its launch, this movie series has become of the highest-grossing animated film franchises of all time. After two sequels and two TV shows, the popularity of this series has only bloomed.

The success of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ is largely due to the movie’s emotionally engaging plot and impressive animation. Some attribute the movie’s enduring resonance to the compelling content directed to a wide range of viewers, from children to adults.

The Quaint Villages and Peaks of Adventure

The appeal of the ‘How to Train Your
Dragon’ trilogy rests not only on its characters and
plot, but also on the stunning vistas featured in
the film. From quaint villages situated on
cliffsides to verdant peaks with stunning
waterfalls, the cinematography of this trilogy is
nothing short of breathtaking. As viewers watch
Hiccup start his journey on his very own
dragon, they are met with picturesque shots
of rivers, lakes and meadows. This type of
cinematography is also crucial to the pacing of
the film as it helps set the scene for important
story beats.

Maturation Through the Series

As Hiccup’s journey progresses, we are able
to watch him gradually mature and learn
valuable lessons. It is through his dragon
friendship and training experiences that he
learns how to care for and protect the dragons
he had once feared. By showing viewers Hiccup’s
growth and maturing, the movie also serves as
a great inspiration for every viewer who is
experiencing similar personal growth.

The Soundtrack

The third pillar of the cinematic experience
of the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series is its
stirring soundtrack. Composed by composer
John Powell, the soundtrack features
inspirational tunes for each of Hiccup’s
adventures. This music compels the audience
to focus and emotionally connect with each of
the scenes and characters. While some tunes
are adventurous and rousing, other
soundtracks are light and calming.

The Animation

The animation of this movie series doesn’t go
unnoticed either. From its vibrant colors used
to depict the lush forests to subtle shading
during emotional scenes, the animation
captures each nuance. It also showcases
smooth and realistic flight scenes, as well as
fantastical dragons that defy fantasy. This
animation techniques are also used to
accentuate the story’s flaws and foibles,
thereby creating greater emotional resonance
with viewers.

The Voice Acting

The voice-acting of Hiccup and other
characters is also stellar. From their witty
remarks to softer, more sincere lines, each of
the characters comes alive through their
voices. The voice actors make it easier to
connect to each of the characters, therefore
heightening the overall emotional impact of
the story.

Themes of Friendship and Bravery

Perhaps the key to the success of ‘How to
Train Your Dragon’ is its underlying themes of
friendship, bravery and loyalty. Through
Hiccup’s relationship with Toothless, his
villagers and other dragons, viewers are
exposed to a diverse range of powerful
emotions, from fear and shame to
understanding and friendship. By the end of
the movie series, we have watched Hiccup
evolve from a fearful, inexperienced teen
into a courageous dragon-slayer. Therefore,
viewers come out of the movie with a feeling
of inspiration, one of the highest emotions
that movies can provide.

Importance of Believing in Yourself

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ series is an
important reminder of the importance of
believing in yourself, no matter how
hopeless and difficult it might seem. By
following Hiccup in his journey, we are
exposed to his fears and struggles, which in
turn empower us to also persevere, no matter
the stakes. Through this movie, viewers are
also encouraged to learn how to care for and
have compassion for their peers, and to
understand that any problem can be
overcoming when faced with courage.

Developing Self Esteem and Self-Confidence

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ filmography
serves as a reminder that self-esteem and
self-confidence are essential for personal
growth. When Hiccup first meets Toothless,
his doubt in himself is clear. From his
arrogance to his attempts to use a weapon
against his dragon instead of training it, his
self-esteem issues are present in his every act.
As he learns to trust both himself and those
around him, he is able to develop a bond
with Toothless that helps him discover a
deeper sense of self-belief.

The Takeaway of this Series

The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ movies
empowers viewers to develop a skill and use
it to protect those around them, even at the
risk of being judged. Through Hiccup’s
relationships, viewers are encouraged to
embrace their imperfections and learn to
appreciate those around them for both their
strengths and weaknesses. We also learn
that friendship and empathy cannot be
outsourced and that, ultimately, it is our
belief in ourselves and others that will help
us move forward in life.

Encouraging Understanding, Courage and Bravery

At its core, this movie series encourages
viewers to show understanding and bravery.
When Hiccup starts his journey, he must
overcome his fears of dragons and of being
judged by his peers. As he slowly
understands them, his newfound courage
helps him do the right thing and to protect
the dragons that were once his enemies.
This movie series serves to remind us that
through empathy and the courage to stand up
for the right thing, any problem can be

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