How It Ends Fantasy Movies Bright

How Fantasy Movies Brighten How It Ended

Fantasy movies have the power to take viewers to a world of imagination and exploration that can often brighten up the ending of the story. Whether it be a happily ever after, a new beginning, or a simple sigh of relief, fantasy movies often add a magical spark to the finale. Through the use of symbolism, special effects, and narrative structures, fantasy movies offer a unique promise of closure that no other genre can.
Symbols and imagery are an integral part of fantasy films, as they are a way to express emotions and ideas that words can’t capture. From flying dragons to ancient trees, these images can provide the audiences with a touch of wonder that adds to the overall tone of the film. By having the characters interact with these symbols, the audience feels a sense of satisfaction that often carries into the end of the movie.
The use of special effects to assist in conveying the story’s tone can also be a major factor in how a fantasy movie ends. Whether it be a dragon soaring through a sky of stars or a spectacular battle scene, special effects help to amplify and bring the story to genuine life. Special effects also help the audience to be fully immersed inside of the film, making the ending all the more enjoyable.
The structure of fantasy films also plays a significant role in making the ending a bright one. Through the use of unforgettable storylines and characters, those who watch fantasy films can often be swept away with the story and its characters and even feel a sense of “happily ever after”. This type of narrative also creates a deeper level of connection between the audience and the movie, making it all the more special.
The power of stories is also an integral part of how fantasy films brighten the ending. Not only do stories offer the promise of a connection between those who watch it, but it also provides viewers with a sense of hope. Reflection and introspection always follow the story’s climax, making the ending a beacon of hope for the viewers.

Music and Sounds to Enhance the Story

The music and sounds used in fantasy films are also key in projecting the emotion of the ending. Usually, romantic scores are used in the final scenes as a way to catch the attention of the audience and increase the influx of emotions. These same scores are also used during the climax too, adding a sense of finality to the scenario. In addition, music and sounds can give a striking effect to the action that works in tandem with the cinematic visuals, making the story all the more powerful.
The way fantasy films portray its characters is also a major factor in how it ends brightly. Fantastical characters are often seen to as mis-understood and looking for a place to belong. They often find it in the end of the film, a feature which assists the viewers in connecting to the characters and finding closure. Seeing that a character one follows throughout the film has found somewhere they belong, is often a very satisfying sight to see, making the ending all the sweeter.
The use of magic and mysterious entities like fairies and elves often brings an expansive and dream-like atmosphere to the story. This helps to invoke a sense of escapism, that gives the story a gentle, closed-off feeling from the world. This can bring a sense of relaxation and contentment, that viewers can bring home with them, offering a type of closure that is found only in fantasy films.
The unexpected twists that can often take place in a fantasy story can provide a welcome surprise for those watching it. Taking viewers into a world of surprises can often make for a unique ending that one may not have seen coming. These surprises are also often positively spun, and leave viewers coming home from the movie satisfied, even if the story is not necessarily happy.

Creative Costumes and Set Designs

Costumes and set design used in fantasy films can often add a captivating layer to the story. Whether it be an elegant dress or a grand kingdom, the choices of set and costumes can heighten the sense of pleasure found in the film. Costumes, especially, play a key role in fantasy films as they often represent a character’s transformation and can add an extra level of understanding between character and audience. Through costumes, viewers can understand the evolution of a character and see their maturation, making the ending all the sweeter.
The use of colors and lighting in fantasy films also assists in brightening up the ending. Whether it be bright and inviting colors that bring a feeling of joy or dark and brooding colors that set a tone of maturity, colors play a significant role in helping the audience to connect with the characters. Through the colors, those watching the movie experience an emotional ambiance and gain an understanding of the story, one that, once again, provides viewers with a satisfying conclusion.
The element of surprise, too, can add to the brightness of a fantasy movie’s ending. Works of fantasy often explore unexpected plot turns and, in doing so, create a unique type of ending. These surprise endings also offer the viewers a new perspective on the story, making it all the richer.

Using Imagination to Bring Happiness

The creative use of imagination found in fantasy films also serves to brighten the ending. By expanding the imaginations of viewers, fantasy films create a world that is unknown, allowing us to explore stories outside of what we’re used to. This not only offers viewers a chance to escape the everyday, but it also creates a refreshing way to find a sense of closure.
Finally, the use of fantasy themes can also bring brightness to the ending of fantasy films. Fantasy films often explore themes such as justice, resilience, and friendship. These themes are often explored in a light hearted and exciting fashion, making the viewers feel empowered and finding a deeper understanding of their own lives in the process. By immersing viewers in these themes and providing them with a happy ending, the audience can go home feeling inspired.

Offering a Reminder of Magic

Fantasy films offer a unique type of closure that no other genre can. The use of symbols, special effects, and storytelling allows the audience to feel a connection to the story, its characters, and the magical world that they inhabit. By exploring themes while transporting viewers to a world of imagination and surprises, these films create a one of a kind experience that often brightens up the audience’s experience, seeing them off with contentment and a sense of hope.

Infusing Movie Scenes With Emotions

The emotions and feelings in fantasy films, also, serve to make the ending a bright one. Through the use of dialogue and scenes that tug at the heartstrings and evoke a range of emotions, fantasy films are able to move and motivate viewers. By understanding the characters’ suffering, viewers are able to relate to it and take a tiny piece of that away with them.
The soundtracks of fantasy films, too, often evoke a sense of emotion and understanding that the audience can take away. Melodious and often unforgettable, these soundtracks often draw viewers in and can remain with them long after the movie has ended. The same can be said for certain special effects, too. Whether it be a fight scene or an impressive explosion, these visuals can stay with everyone who watched the film, providing an experience that brightens the ending for all.

Storytelling to Create a Positive Outcome

The use of traditional storytelling techniques such as allegories, metaphors, and symbols can also be used to make the ending a bright one. By using these techniques, fantasy films are able to capture complex emotions, feelings, and ideas all in one go, allowing viewers to fully understand the purpose behind the story.
The wisdom that comes from the characters in fantasy films can also leave an impression on viewers. Offering lessons of resilience, justice, and friendship, these characters often learn and experience a growth that can leave the audience feeling inspired and hopeful for the future, even if the ending doesn’t necessarily have a “happy” ending.


Fantasy films have the power to create a feeling of hope and understanding in viewers, no matter what the ending. Through the use of symbols, special effects, storytelling, and music, fantasy films can offer a unique type of closure that captivates the emotions of those who watch it. Bright endings, unexpecte twists, and a reminder of magic, the effects of fantasy films tend to stay with viewers long after it’s over, making the ending all the brighter and all the more real.

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