Can We See Thriller Movies During Early Pregnancy


Most pregnant women look for ways to keep themselves entertained during their pregnancy. One of the ways some choose to do a so is by watching movies, specifically thrillers. Although it may seem fun to watch a suspenseful movie while pregnant, is it actually safe to do so? It is important to understand the potential impact of thrillers and other types of movies during this time.

Adverse Effects of Thriller Movies on Early Pregnancy

It is believed by many experts that watching thriller movies can negatively affect the early stages of pregnancy. While there has not been any solid scientific evidence to back this up, thrillers can cause a surge of stress hormones in the body, which can potentially harm the fetus. Moreover, thrillers are known to contain scenes of violence and horror, which can be disturbing and can lead to psychological trauma for the expectant mother.
Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from thriller movies during early pregnancy. Watching other genres, such as comedies and dramas, are typically considered to be less stressful and may be preferred.

Using Common Sense

Aside from the potential risks to their fetus, pregnant women should also use their common sense when considering whether to watch thrillers or not. Watching movies late at night when the mother is already exhausted, is not encouraged. Similarly, if a thriller is distressing to the mother to watch; it is important to turn it off and focus on activities that are more enjoyable.

Managing Stress

The body’s response to stress is the same whether the source of stress is watching a thriller or another situations. During pregnancy, the expectant mother’s response to stress can be even more intense, leading to higher levels of anxiety and tension. To manage stress levels it is advisable to find activities that can relax the mind such as reading, yoga or meditation.

Mental Health

Stress can lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, especially in pregnant women. If a pregnant woman finds that watching thrillers causes her distress, she should turn off the movie and seek support from her partner, family or mental health specialist to address and manage the issue.

Healthy Alternatives

Rather than watching thrillers and other types of movies, expectant mothers can find alternatives that are more beneficial to their and their unborn baby. Activities such as talking a walk, going to the park, or visiting friends and family can provide an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Moreover, listening to music, creating art, and reading are also activities that can provide an opportunity to relax and have fun.

Health Consultation

Pregnant women should always consult their physician or obstetrician before making any decisions about watching movies during pregnancy. This will help ensure that the expectant mother and her unborn baby are not exposed to any potential risks.

Diet and Nutrition

It is important for pregnant women to maintain healthy and balanced diets, by consuming meals with low saturated fats, and in moderate portions. This helps to ensure that the mother and baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. Moreover, pregnant women are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day and to avoid processed food and sugary beverages.


Exercise can be beneficial for pregnant women, however certain types of workouts may be too strenuous. Gentle exercises such as swimming and yoga can be great alternatives that allow the expectant mother to stay active while not overdoing it. Additionally, any exercise should be accompanied by proper hydration and rest.


Finally, it is important for pregnant women to get adequate sleep throughout the night. Pregnant women need more sleep than usual due to the increased demands on their body. Adequate sleep helps to reduce fatigue and stress and can help pregnant women remain healthy and happy.

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