Are There Any Final Fantasy Movies

Are there any final fantasy movies?

The Final Fantasy series of role-playing video games have won worldwide recognition since the first title was released in 1987. The games generally feature fantasy worlds in which players control a group of adventurers, who are attempting to save their world from a variety of dangers. Fans of the games have long been curious as to whether there exist any movies based on the eponymous fantasy series.

The answer is yes! There are a total of six Final Fantasy movies that have been released, starting with ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ in 2001. Nonetheless, this is only scratching the surface of the Final Fantasy universe; its debut in 1987 has spawned no fewer than fifteen main-series titles and dozens of spin-off series and titles, plenty of which could be adapted into movies.

The Final Fantasy movies vary widely in terms of plot, setting and atmosphere. For example, ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ centres around a group of characters attempting to save their world from a deadly alien race, while ‘Final Fantasy: The Advent Children’ follows a group of characters attempting to save their world from a disease-like plague.

The visuals in the Final Fantasy film series are stunning, and clearly draw on the strong visual approach that is central to the original video-game series. Each film features numerous CGI elements, with the characters and environments looking like something from an epic fantasy novel come to life.

Although the Final Fantasy movie series is not as popular as some of its contemporaries, it still has its devoted fans. These fans enjoy the films for their compelling story-lines and cinematic subtlety, and the visuals which remain faithful to those from the original video-games.

The most recent Final Fantasy movie, ‘Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV’, was released in 2016. Despite its more modern setting and more immersive plot, the movie didn’t do as well as its predecessors, likely due to a lack of focus on the original story-line. Nonetheless, it still has some devoted fans.

A Brief Overview of the Films

The first movie in the Final Fantasy series, ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’, was released in 2001. The movie was praised for its stunning visuals, with several sequences of the film looking like something from an epic fantasy movie. It follows the story of Aki Ross, a female scientist, who is attempting to use her abilities to save her world from a destructive alien race.

The two sequels to ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’, ‘Final Fantasy: Advent Children’ (2005) and ‘Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete’ (2009), followed the same basic plot, with a slight shift in emphasis. Instead of attempting to save the world from aliens, these two films centered around a group of adventurers attempting to save it from a deadly disease.

The fourth movie in the series, ‘Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children’ (2005), is widely considered to be one of the best movies in the series. It follows a group of characters as they attempt to save their world from a deadly virus known as Geostigma. The visuals in this movie are breathtaking, with stunning CGI elements making the characters and world look like something from an epic fantasy novel.

The fifth movie in the series, ‘Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission’ (2013), is the only movie that is set after the events of the original game, ‘Final Fantasy X’. The movie follows a group of adventurers as they travel across the world of Spira in search of a way to save their world from an ancient evil.

The sixth and most recent movie in the series, ‘Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV’ (2016) is set in a more modern day setting. The movie follows a group of adventurers attempting to save their kingdom from an invading army. Like the other movies in the series, it has stunning visual elements and a compelling story-line.

Impact of the Films

The Final Fantasy movies have had a major impact on the game industry, and are widely considered to be some of the best video-game adaptations ever made. Not only have they earned critical acclaim, but they have also earned a large fan-base of devoted fans, who have come to appreciate the unique approach to fantasy storytelling that these films take.

The majority of the Final Fantasy movies have gained considerable success at the box office, and have gone on to earn billions of dollars worldwide. This has allowed the series to capture the imaginations of movie-goers, who are familiar with the original video-games, as well as those who are new to the franchise.

The success of the Final Fantasy movies is further evidenced by the sheer number of spin-offs and related properties that have been released over the years. ‘Memory of Heroes’, ‘Dissidia’ and ‘Final Fantasy Type-0’ have all been released since the original films, and have each enjoyed considerable success.

The Final Fantasy franchise has redefined the fantasy genre, and its films have come to represent a high-water mark of cinematic gaming adaptions. Through its stunning visuals and compelling story-lines, the films have earned a devoted following, and have paved the way for subsequent video-game adaptions.

Where to watch the films

The Final Fantasy films can be found on various streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. They are also available for purchase on iTunes and GooglePlay. Additionally, fans can also rent the films from their local video store, or purchase the movies in Blu-ray or DVD format.

The films have also been released in various boxed sets, which include the original films, as well as the spin-off films and related properties. These boxed sets are great for fans who want to explore the entire Final Fantasy universe.


The Final Fantasy movies have earned well-deserved recognition, and represent some of the best video game adaptation films ever made. Through its stunning visuals, compelling story-lines and unique approach to fantasy storytelling, the films have earned a devoted following, and have become a fan-favorite for many.

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