A Simple Favor Thriller Movies

Thriller movies have long been a staple of the cinema, gripping viewers and causing intense suspense with every second of their runtime. One of the most popular types of thrillers is the simple favor genre. This style of thriller focuses on a single protagonist, often working against overwhelming odds to complete a mission that requires cunning and skill. Simple favor thriller movies have been especially popular in recent years, thanks to their suspenseful formula and capable directors.

The themes explored in simple favor thrillers often revolve around a single goal, with other characters working to either achieve that goal or thwart it. These movies are character-driven, relying on the lead to move the narrative forward with their interactions and decisions. Satisfying conclusions tend to be the focus of a simple favor thriller, with many movies in this genre ending with a sense of fulfillment or satisfaction when all is said and done.

Simple favor thrillers usually involve a character going up against a formidable enemy, such as in the popular movie “A Simple Favor.” In this movie, protagonist Emily Nelson (Anna Kendrick) is recruited by her best friend, Stephanie Smothers (Blake Lively), to find out the truth behind her disappearance. Nelson discovers a much larger mystery than was initially believed, and must rely on her own skills and intuition to uncover the truth.

Another popular simple favor thriller is “Knives Out,” a modern-day whodunit. Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) is brought in to investigate the death of a wealthy novelist and discovers that the deceased’s dysfunctional family is more connected than initially thought. Blanc must use his wit and cunning to figure out who among the family is guilty of murder.

These types of simple favor thrillers rely heavily on the lead character and their ability to navigate the situation presented to them. This often requires ingenuity, as the protagonists must use their skills and intuition to not only discover the truth, but also to outwit their enemies while doing so. Viewers are drawn in by the suspense and the prospect of a fitting conclusion, and the genre continues to remain popular.

Creature Features

Creature features were a hallmark of the horror and thriller genres throughout the 20th century. Movies like “Jaws”, “The Exorcist”, and “Alien” blended the horror of the unknown with the thrill of a simple favor. In “Jaws,” police chief Martin Brody is tasked with finding and killing a great white shark terrorizing a small island town. He, along with marine biologist Matt Hooper and fisherman Quint, must contend with the terrifying, unknowable creature in order to save the day.

In “The Exorcist”, Father Karras is called in to perform an exorcism on a young girl to rid her of a malicious spirit. The spirit resists Karras’ attempts, leading to an increasingly desperate struggle for the young priest’s soul. The movie relies heavily on themes of faith and the power of belief, with the simple favor of trying to remove a demonic presence being at the center of the story.

The 1979 classic “Alien” tells the story of a crew of a deep space mining ship that stumbles upon an alien creature that escapes from their cargo bay and begins hunting them one by one. The crew must attempt to secure the ship from the creature and the ferocious intentions hidden within its mysterious eggs. The movie relies heavily on the simple favor of a few crew members needing to beat the odds and save the day.

Creature features are as thrilling to watch today as they ever were, thanks to the movie’s intense suspense, likable characters, and unyielding stakes. Each of these movies places the simple favor of overcoming the odds against a terrifying monster or otherworldly entity, and are some of the most iconic examples of the simple favor thriller genre.

High-tech Thrillers

High-tech thrillers bring the mystery and suspense of the simple favor into the tech-savvy future. These movies, such as “Snowden”, “V for Vendetta”, and “The Matrix”, blend plot lines with thrilling CGI technology and computer jargon to create an edge-of-your-seat experience.

“Snowden” tells the story of former CIA analyst Edward Snowden, who uncovers a massive online surveillance program and decides to share the information with the world. His brave acts of whistleblowing thrust him into a global fight for personal freedoms he believes are in danger. His simple favor of revealing the truth has massive consequences and brings an eerily relevant examination of privacy and ethics in the digital age.

In “V for Vendetta”, a mysterious masked terrorist known only as V strives to bring down a fascist government in a futuristic London. This movie blends morality and technology to bring an inspiring, if tragic, message of freedom and courage. V’s attempts to bring down the government bring suspense and tension, as the viewer is kept guessing until the very end what his fate may be.

“The Matrix” is a sci-fi classic that follows Neo, a computer hacker who discovers a secret reality beneath the veneer of everyday life. His mission to free humanity from the machines brings him into a thrilling and multi-faceted fight for freedom. His quest for meaning and understanding in this new reality brings brutal action scenes and powerful emotion to the table.

High-tech thrillers have carved a niche in the simple favor genre, with many movies relying on technology-driven action set pieces and intricate storylines. Although not always realistic, these movies bring an added layer to the genre that delights viewers and provides more complexity to the issues of morality and ethics that thriller movies strive to explore.


Simple Favor Mysteries are a mainstay of the genre, featuring complex plots and interesting characters. Popular movies in the subgenre include “Gone Girl”, “The Usual Suspects”, and “Shutter Island”. These movies offer intense suspense, unpredictable twists, and satisfying conclusions.

“Gone Girl” follows journalist Nick Dunne as he searches for his missing wife, Amy. The investigation leads to shocking revelations and a dangerous game of cat and mouse that leaves viewers guessing until the suspenseful ending. Through the course of his search, Nick relies on his own ingenuity and suspicion in order to get to the bottom of the mystery.

“The Usual Suspects” follows five criminals who are brought together to plan a heist. What begins as a routine job soon reveals itself to be a complex and elaborate scheme involving a dangerous figure from the past. Viewers are kept guessing until the unforgettable ending, where the true mastermind is revealed.

In “Shutter Island” U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels is called to investigate the disappearance of a patient from a mental hospital. As Daniels investigates, he finds himself engulfed in a dark and twisted mystery that goes beyond the simple favor of finding a missing person. The movie relies on blending dark themes and psychological terror as Daniels slowly unravels the truth.

Simple favor mysteries bring excitement, danger, and intrigue to the genre. Though these movies don’t always end in a happy ending, they provide viewers with an interesting backdrop and an unpredictable narrative that keeps them eagerly glued to the screen.

Spy Thrillers

Spy thrillers rely heavy on espionage and often feature larger-than-life plots. Movies such as “Mission Impossible”, “The Bourne Identity”, and “Atomic Blonde” all focus on international intrigue and the simple favor of trying to save the day. These movies bring sleek action and equally thrilling plotlines to the mix.

The “Mission Impossible” series follows agent Ethan Hunt as he navigates his way through daring field missions and treacherous criminals. His goal of protecting secret information from falling into the wrong hands brings suspense and intense action sequences, combining to make one of the longest-running franchises in spy thriller history.

“The Bourne Identity” follows amnesiac Jason Bourne as he searches for his past, inadvertently uncovering a deadly secret in the process. Bourne must rely on his own cunning and fighting prowess to stay alive and uncover the truth. This movie relies heavily on its intense action sequences and gripping suspense, making for an unforgettable spy thriller.

“Atomic Blonde” follows Lorraine Broughton, a British MI6 spy sent to Berlin to investigate the murder of a double agent. Her mission leads her down a mysterious and dangerous path, pitting her against KGB agents, unfriendly spies, and a powerful criminal operation. Broughton must rely on her resourcefulness and wit to survive and bring justice.

Spy thrillers bring a unique combination of action and suspense, and “Atomic Blonde” is no exception. This movie and many others in the genre rely on the simple favor of a lone individual overcoming the odds to accomplish a mission that has massive consequences.


Simple favor thrillers bring a blend of suspense, mystery, and excitement to the average viewer. From classic creature features to high concept spy thrillers, these movies rely on the lead character’s ability to navigate the situation presented to them. Although the formula for simple favor thrillers has remained largely the same, the genre continues to come up with new and interesting ways to bring suspense and entertainment to the silver screen.

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