A List Of Thriller Movies 2016

Just when you thought the last year of movies has been dauntingly dull and quite disappointing, 2016 managed to come with a new set of thriller movies that will definitely leave you at the edge of your seat. With all the new independent filmmakers out there, there is no shortage of creative new releases. From beautifully scary characters to intense plots and unexpected twists, you can find it all in this list of renowned 2016 thriller movies.

One movie that stands out in 2016’s thriller movie selection is “The Girl on the Train.” Taken from the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins, it is a story of a young divorced woman who becomes involved in a missing person investigation. The film has extraordinary performances by Emily Blunt, who was praised for her excellence in the movie, and an amazing direction by the master of suspense, Tate Taylor. It keeps you hooked and guessing what will happen next up until the final minutes of the movie.

The 2016 movie “Hush” makes a remarkable impression, as it is not only a well-crafted thriller but also a psychological slow burner. Directed by Mike Flanagan, the movie stars Kate Siegel in the role of a young woman living on her own in a wooded house and being stalked by a psychopathic masked killer. Grappling with her own issues of depression and anxiety, she fights to stay alive against all odds. It is a powerful movie about survival and perseverance, and definitely worth a watch.

The Hollywood 2016 release “The Conjuring 2” is another addition to the successful franchise. Directed by James Wan and starring Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and Frances O’Connor, the movie follows the storyline of the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are sent to the United Kingdom to help a family suffering from paranormal activity in their home. The movie is filled with creepy moments, and Wan keeps the tension alive up until the very end.

If you’re looking for some lighthearted thrills, “Hello, My Name is Doris” could be right up your alley. Sally Field stars as the lead role in this romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter. It follows the story of Doris Miller (Field) in her later years as she falls in love with a much younger man. Although an unlikely pairing, Doris soon discovers that age is merely a number and finds love in unexpected places. It is a humorous movie that has its Thriller moments but also sweetly touches the viewer’s heart.

2016 also introduced audiences to another take on the horror genre in the movie “Don’t Breathe”. In this gripping thriller, a trio of young burglars find themselves trapped in a twisted house where they must outwit a deranged home owner in order to survive. The movie is full of surprises and intense moments and can easily become a cult classic.

Lastly, “The Autopsy of Jane Doe” was another unique opportunity to experience a new form of horror movie. It is an unsettling tale of two coroners as they try to unravel the mystery of a female body without identity who has some highly unnatural features. This movie might not be for the faint of heart, but it is definitely an intense experience and worth watching.

Set Design

The core of a thriller movie is its story, but the sets are just as important in creating the tension and, admittedly, the dread of the movie. A great set is able to immerse the audience into the movie and bring the characters on a journey. In the case of “ Hush”, the spooky wooded house is a perfect example of the importance of set design for a thriller movie. Its stillness and serenity are interrupted by the eerie events that unfold in the movie, but it works nicely in creating the perfect atmosphere for a Thriller movie.

Another great example of great set design in a Thriller movie would be “ The Conjuring”. In the first installment of the franchise, the Warrens are called to a Rhode Island farmhouse, where the family is experiencing some sinister events. The house itself is hauntingly beautiful, and the farm creates an idyllic atmosphere of serenity and innocence while being slowly swallowed in the darkness of the Warrens’ investigation. In the sequel of the franchise, the old manor house of the Hodgson family captivates the viewer with its beautiful decorations and even manages to instill a sense of nostalgia in the viewer.

Sound Effects

In Thriller movies, sound is an essential factor. Frighteningly clever sound design helps create tension and contribute to the overall frightening atmosphere. A great example for this would be the eerie humming in “Hush”. It creates such an unsettling sentiment that underlines the whole movie and helps sustain the tension and dread in the audience.

Moreover, in “The Conjuring”, the sound effects play an important role in the scenes where paranormal activities take place. There are scenes that feature a demon’s screeching and its presence coincides with the recurring ringing of a music box. It is highly effective in creating fear in the viewer as the sound jumps out every time the movie starts to get boring or predictable. Furthermore, it is quite thrilling to imagine that something sinister might be lurking in the shadows and the sound is a great way to visualize that.

Creepy Scenes

The success of a Thriller movie lies in its ability to make the viewer feel uneasy and scared. To this end, creepy scenes are essential in order to create an unsettling atmosphere and instill fear in the audience. One of the best examples for this is the scene in “The Girl on the Train” where the central female character rides the train but is observing a couple in the next train carriage that seem to be having a complicated situation. She tries to figure out what is going on, but her audience is not sure until the final revealed.

Likewise, the nail scene in “Don’t Breathe” is an example of a perfectly executed creepy scene. It features a close-up shot of the intruder’s face as her nemesis comes in with a nail gun to defend their home. This creates a moment of sheer terror and the audience can feel their hearts racing in anticipation of what will come next.

Experts’ Input

The importance of Thriller movies is increasingly noteworthy due to the thrill and suspense it offers. According to entertainment expert Steve Walker, “It’s amazing what a well-crafted horror/thriller movie can do. It not only gets your pulse racing, but it can be a rewarding experience for the viewer. It is an emotional ride that can be both stimulating and thought-provoking.” With experienced directors and smart scriptwriting, Thriller movies have terrific potential and have an enormous impact on viewers.

Thrillers are gaining more and more attention, according to filmmaker Colin Arnold. “People love the experience of being on the edge of their seat and living on the edge. It’s an emotional roller-coaster and viewers just can’t seem to get enough. It gives them a certain level of satisfaction and excitement that only comes with sophisticated Thriller movies.” With the right combination of suspense and shock, Thriller movies can become the next big thing in cinemas.

Audience Response

As the Thriller movie genre becomes more popular, audiences all over the world have been quick to embrace it. According to some reviews, viewers find the thrill and suspense to be highly addicting and some even have said that it can be quite cathartic. Others have praised the movies for their skillful use of technical and artistic aspects for each scene.

Moreover, people have also been noting the fact that Thriller movies have been raising the bar for independent filmmakers. They serve as a great platform for filmmakers and new directors to show their talent and create unique experiences for the viewer. According to one opinion, “It’s exciting to see more and more Thriller movies being released every year. It’s a great way for independent filmmakers to widen their horizons and become recognized.”

Evolution of Thriller Movies

It is clear that Thriller movies have evolved over the years. In the past, these types of movies were usually aimed at a younger demographic and usually revolved around one central character. However, over the years, the genre has been broadening and becoming more diverse both in the story, protagonists, and the themes. Nowadays, Thriller movies are often praised for their complexity and layered story lines and their ability to keep the viewer hooked up until the very end.

Moreover, Thriller movies nowadays have become more focused on the journey of the characters rather than the horror and suspense. This is due to the fact that the audience has become more aware of the horror tropes and writers have, thus, found new ways to surprise and engage the viewer. This can be seen in movies like “ The Autopsy of Jane Doe” where the mysterious parts of the plot make it exciting to watch and the audience can feel like they are part of the story’s unfolding.

The range of Thriller movies in 2016 is vast, and the audiences have been able to experience both old and new takes on the genre. With the influx of new releases every year, it is no wonder that the Thriller movie genre is here to stay.

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