A List Of Harlequin Romance Movies

Harlequin Romance Movies: A Comprehensive List

Romantic movies have been a staple genre for many years, and the Harlequin Romance movies are one subgenre that is beloved by fans. Harlequin romance movies often tell stories of love and romance between couples, sometimes against the odds, with plenty of ups and downs along the way. Harlequin romance movies showcase a wide range of emotions and explore themes of love, loyalty and resilience. From classic to modern-day romance, here are some of the best Harlequin movies to have graced our screens.

The Notebook

The Notebook is a classic Harlequin romance with an enduring love story between two young lovers who confront obstacles and beliefs about themselves to stay together. A modern-day classic, the movie follows the struggles of Allie and Noah, who are from different sides of the tracks and from vastly different social statuses. Their romance is made even more difficult by Allie’s family, who feel she deserves more than the working-class Noah. The movie is an emotionally resonant love story that has been embraced by audiences for more than a decade.

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is a Harlequin romance movie with a heartfelt story between two star-crossed lovers. High schooler Landon is immediately drawn to the shy, religious Jamie, who he falls deeply in love with. When Jamie tells him the truth of her past, their love story is marred with doubt, fear and uncertainty. Ultimately, the movie is an emotional tale of first love, self-transformation and the power of faith.

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed is a funny, heartwarming Harlequin romance movie that explores the theme of unrequited love. Reporter Josie Gellar is sent undercover to a high school to write an article about the student experience, and discovers that the feelings she has for her former flame still linger. The movie is a funny yet poignant story about finding yourself and accepting new love.

Dear John

Dear John is a Harlequin romance movie about two young people from very different backgrounds. John, an army soldier, and Savannah, a college student, try to make a physical and emotional distance between them work in order to stay together. They stay in touch through love letters and phone calls, but eventually fate steps in and they ever find their way back to each other.

Hope Springs

Hope Springs is a romantic comedy-drama about a long-term couple navigating their way through the effects of middle-age and married life. Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones star as a married couple who have grown apart over the years, and who attend therapy sessions as a last ditch effort to try to become close again. The movie is an honest and humorous look at long-term relationships and the love they can endure.

The Spending Of The Night

The Spending Of the Night is set in a small French town and tells the story of two young people whose lives intertwine and form an unexpected bond. It follows Laura and Karim, who come from vastly different backgrounds and find that their relationship brings with it some unexpected complications. The movies explores the complexity of love and how life can surprise us with unexpected reunions.

Harold & Maude

Harold & Maude is a cult classic Harlequin romance movie that follows the unconventional love story between an elderly widow, Maude, and the much younger Harold. The movie is a daring exploration of love against all the odds, challenging conventions and celebrating the freedom of expression. It has resonated with movie-goers for the past four decades and explores the theme of finding love in unexpected places.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon as a fashion designer from New York City who is forced to return home to Alabama and confront her past. Tracing her journey as she tries to make plans to reconcile her past and present, the movie is a light-hearted yet heartfelt look at love and a reminder that it isn’t always in the places we expect.

Unbroken Heart

Unbroken Heart is a Harlequin romance movie about a woman who is desperate to move on from her past. After being burned by the man she loved, she decides to start fresh and find the courage to love again. While the movie’s focus is largely on love, it also tells the story of resilience, growth and the hope of a new beginning.

The Best Of Me

The Best of Me is a Harlequin romance about high school sweethearts who are reunited after two decades apart. High school sweethearts Dawson and Amanda discover that their time apart only made their love that much stronger, and the movie is an exploration of the power of long-distance romance. It’s a feel-good story that reminds us that love never fades, no matter how much time has passed.

Our Idiot Brother

Our Idiot Brother is a Harlequin romance movie about life, love and family. It follows Ned, an easy-going soul, as he navigates both his personal and professional life and finds himself in some unlikely love predicaments along the way. The movie is an exploration of what it means to be human and the rewards of embracing vulnerability, love and true friendship.

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is an iconic Harlequin romance movie that tells the story of a young farmhand and the princess he loves. Inigo Montoya and The Princess Bride set off on a heroic journey to reclaim her true love, but face dangers and obstacles along the way. The movie is an enchanting and humorous tale of love, courage, resilience and the power of true love.


Titanic is an iconic and heartbreaking Harlequin romance about two people from different worlds who are united by fate on the ill-fated ship. It follows the story of Rose and Jack, who meet by chance and find love despite the looming tragedy of the sinking of the ship. The movie is an intense, passionate love story that has gone down in history as one of the best romantic tales ever told.

Topics for further exploration:

Reviews from experts

When it comes to getting an understanding of Harlequin romance movies, reviews from industry professionals can be invaluable. The insights of experts can help give a well-rounded view of the movies and provide honest opinions on what makes them special or why they may not have resonated with viewers.

Popular Themes

Harlequin romance movies often have similar themes that movie-goers love. These themes of first love, loyalty, resilience, long-distance romance and overcoming the odds are some of the most popular and resonant throughout the genre. An exploration of these themes in the context of Harlequin romance films can offer a more in-depth understanding of what makes them so enduring and successful.

Auteur Directors and Writers

Harlequin romance movies have been created by some of the world’s most renowned directors and writers. Many of these directors and writers have become synonymous with the genre, their unique visions adding something indefinable to their films. A look at the history of some of the great directors, writers and cast members of the Harlequin romance genre can help to paint a fuller picture of the movies and what makes them so beloved.

Themes Of Contemporary Love

Love has changed over the years and so have the stories that we tell. A look at the themes of Harlequin romance movies today can help to give us a better understanding of the way that society views romance and the way that our thought processes have changed over time.

A Global Phenomenon

Harlequin romance movies have become an international phenomenon, resonating with audiences across the globe. A look at the trends of Harlequin romance movies internationally can offer a fascinating insight into what is and isn’t popular in different countries and how the genre has evolved over time.

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