A List Of Gangster Movies

Gangster movies have long been a staple of cinematic culture. From the early days of the silent era to the golden age of Hollywood, these bleak yet thrilling dramas have captivated audiences for decades.

At the core of gangster movies lies a universal truth: the appeal of a forbidden lifestyle. While the protagonists’ actions may be criminal and immoral, they embody an irresistible fantasy of freedom and power. The escapist thrill of a gangster lifestyle has enthralled generations of viewers, from the pre-code years of the early 1930s through to the modern activity of streaming.

This fascination is perhaps best summed up in The Godfather. Marlon Brando’s iconic performance as don Vito Corleone demonstrated the potent combination of crime, respect and power. His character was both a masterful leader and a beacon of justice, capable of commanding loyalty and fear in equal measure.

Of course, the genre has progressed far beyond The Godfather. With the last two decades giving rise to a stunning array of gangster films. Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed are some of the most popular gangster movies of the modern era, while recent releases like The Irishman and The Gentlemen have added to its ever-evolving history.

To truly understand the impact of this genre, it’s important to explore its subversive components. This often begins with its depiction of violence. Rather than relying solely on machine-gun shootouts, these movies often focus on intimate and tactical forms of violence, often highlighting the tense and dire consequences of criminal actions.

In addition, most gangster movies portray crime in moral grey areas. While the characters may be outlaws and criminals, they are also often portrayed as sympathetic or misunderstood. This complexity is evident in The Departed, where despite their occupation all of the characters are portrayed with emotional depth and nuance.

This subtlety is further explored in the subgenres of noirs and capers. These twisty thrillers often focus on complex stories of subterfuge and betrayal, often with a moral undercurrent. While the heroes and villains may engage in criminal activities, their actions are often rooted in a genuine attempt to pursue justice.

The Portrayal of Women

When exploring the genre of gangster movies, it’s important to understand its representation of women. For the most part, female characters have been relegated to the role of romantic interest, with few opportunities to demonstrate the more complex aspects of their personalities.

The portrayal of wives and girlfriends in gangster movies has evolved over time, from the helpless victims of the 1930s to the fiercely independent female characters of today. Recent hits like Widows and Killing Eve demonstrate the changing face of women in the genre, exploring female perspectives in more nuanced ways.

Cultural Legacy

The appeal of gangster movies continues to endure, captivating audiences around the world with their gripping tales of crime and retribution. As the genre evolves, its characters remain as iconic and memorable as ever, paving the way for future generations of thrillers.

However, beyond the entertainment value, these movies have been essential in shaping our collective understanding of the crime world. By highlighting the often-overlooked perspectives of criminals, gangster movies have allowed us to explore alternative moral codes and explore the complexities of human behavior.

The Future of the Gangster Movie

Clearly, some aspects of the genre have been enriched in recent years, as filmmakers adopt new technologies and perspectives to further explore its various facets. From modern retellings to period pieces, these crime thrillers continue to captivate viewers with their potent mix of violence and exploration of morality.

As the gangster movie genre continues to evolve and innovate, recent releases such as Parasite and Knives Out suggest that there is still space for blockbuster crime thrillers that can captivate and educate in equal measure.

Breaking Boundaries

In its infancy, the gangster genre was heavily restricted due to the censorship of the time. But as the years have passed, filmmakers have pushed the boundaries of the genre further, creating movies that are more violent, more subversive and more daring in their exploration of crime and morality.

Hollywood has embraced this evolution, producing more mature titles that focus on the consequences of crime and the complexity of moral codes. The expansive evolution of the genre has allowed filmmakers to explore darker themes such as revenge, personal responsibility and corrup tion, further enriching its cinematic legacy.

Parody and Subversion

Along with producing more serious titles, the genre has also embraced a line of comedy titles. These movies often rely heavily on parody and the absurd to engage its audience, deconstructing the genre’s conventions and tropes.

This sense of subversion is best summed up by Quentin Tarantino’s critical and commercial hit, Pulp Fiction. A perfect blend of dark comedy, tense action and complex characters, the movie is an essential part of the gangster movie canon.

Other excellent examples of parody include Get Shorty, The Ladykillers, and most recently, The Rise of the Footsoldier series. These movies provide a lighter side to the genre, allowing audiences to engage with the topics of crime and morality in a less oppressive context.

The Influence of Other Genres

The appeal of gangster films has been further enhanced by its experimentation with other genres. Noir and horror titles have been essential in providing depth to the genre, while musicals and sci-fi epics have also provided a unique twist on the traditional gangster movie.

The influence of Westerns can also be seen in the genre. Many of the most popular gangster films draw heavily from the conventions of the Western, often providing thrilling shootouts and standoffs reminiscent of the classic Westerns.

More recently, superhero films have been reimagined as gangster thrillers. From Catwoman to Kingsman, these subversions of the genre have provided a unique angle to these popular tales of violence and criminality.


The popularity of gangster movies has endured for decades and with good reason. They provide gripping tales of morality and crime, while exploring complex themes and characters with skill and finesse. From classic titles to modern retellings, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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