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Modern Thriller Movies

Thriller movies have been around for a long time. Over the years, they have evolved to include everything from traditional detective stories to psychological thrillers. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services and they have a great selection of modern thrillers. From psychological thrillers like Gerald’s Game and Secret Obsession to suspenseful horror movies like Hush and Bird Box, Netflix has something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the best thrillers on Netflix and what makes them so great.

When it comes to modern thrillers, one of the defining characteristics is a gripping story. Thrillers often rely on suspense and surprise, which keeps viewers hooked throughout the movie. As Andrew Post from Psychology Today explains, this type of genre requires the audience to suspend their disbelief and enter into a world of possibility. They should be taking mental notes of what is happening, so that when the series of events leads to a shocking conclusion, it will feel both logical and amazing.

Another important element of a good thriller movie is the characters. Good thrillers have characters that are both real and likable, so that viewers can identify with them. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a perfect example. The character of Lisbeth Salander is a complex and fascinating individual who viewers can’t help but root for. Without well-developed characters, a thriller movie can quickly become boring.

Last but not least, a good quality thriller will have exciting action sequences. This can come in the form of car chases, fights, or suspenseful moments. A great example of this is Bird Box. The movie builds to a thrilling climax as the protagonists try to save themselves from an unknown threat. Without these moments of excitement, it’s hard to keep viewers engaged.

Gerald’s Game

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Gerald’s Game is an intense psychological thriller. The movie follows Jessie and Gerald, a married couple, who are spending the weekend away from home. Things quickly take a sinister turn, however, when Gerald dies of a heart attack, leaving Jessie handcuffed to the bed and all alone.

What makes Gerald’s Game so terrifying is the sense of claustrophobia. Jessie is literally trapped, unable to free herself, and as the movie progresses, shebeginsto hallucinate and face her deepest fears. Then there’s the fact that she is completely isolated and no one knows she’s there, so there is no escape from the horror that awaits her.

In addition to the psychological horror element of the movie, viewers are kept on the edge of their seats by its dramatic twists and turns. It’s unlike any other Stephen King adaptation and is one of the best thrillers available on Netflix.

Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession is another great thriller available on Netflix. The movie follows Jennifer as she awakens after a traumatic brain injury and discovers that her memory has been wiped. She finds her husband Russell eager to help her re-acclimate to her old life, but as strange things start to happen, Jennifer suspects that his intentions aren’t exactly what he claims them to be.

What makes Secret Obsession so gripping is its slow-burning suspense. As things start to unravel, viewers are kept on their toes as each revelation leads to more questions. The movie also does a great job of crafting an uneasy atmosphere and setting the stage for the shocking twists that unfold in the final act.

The performances are top-notch, with lead actress Brenda Song doing a fantastic job of conveying Jennifer’s confusion and dread. She is ably supported by a talented cast including Mike Vogel and Dennis Haysbert, and the chemistry between them helps to ground the story in reality and make it all the more gripping.


Hush is an intense 2016 horror-thriller which follows the story of a deaf woman who discovers a masked intruder has broken into her home. The movie has a simple premise but it’s elevated by its brilliant execution. Its use of sound is particularly impressive, as the lack of sound creates a sense of tension and terror as the intruder stalks her. It’s a claustrophobic, tightly-crafted thriller which forces viewers to confront their own fears.

Lead actress Kate Sieelin does an excellent job of portraying Maddie, the deaf woman, and the movie does a great job of portraying her fear without relying on obvious scares. It also manages to be a sharp commentary on evolving gender roles and the dangers facing women in today’s society, something which adds even more suspense to the story.

Overall, Hush is an intense and entertaining horror-thriller which is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s regularly cited as one of the best thrillers on Netflix and it’s easy to see why.

Bird Box

Bird Box is an intense post-apocalyptic thriller about a world where an unseen force drives people to commit suicide. When Malorie and her two children embark on a journey in search for safety, their journey is constantly thwarted by these horrific visions. This suspenseful horror-thriller is the perfect blend of suspense, mystery and horror.

Everything from the eerie score to the mysterious creatures keeps viewers on the edge of their seat. The performances are also superb, with Sandra Bullock delivering a powerful and engaging performance as Malorie. She is ably supported by Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich, who play a variety of characters. All in all, Bird Box is a gripping and intense thriller which will keep viewers glued to their seat.


Veronica is a Spanish supernatural horror-thriller which follows a teen girl and her friends as they experiment with an Ouija board. Little do they know that their innocent game will unleash terrifying forces that terrorize Veronica and her family. The movie is both suspenseful and unsettling and is a great example of modern horror cinema.

The performances are excellent, particularly from lead actress Sandra Escacena who does a great job of conveying the fear of the disturbed teen. The score is also worth mentioning, as its ambient sounds help to create an unsettling atmosphere which keeps viewers guessing as to what will happen next. Veronica is an intense and scary thriller, one which is sure to leave viewers wanting more.

Train to Busan

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie apocalypse thriller which follows a group of passengers who board a train bound for Busan. What starts out as a leisurely journey quickly turns into a nightmare as a horde of ravenous zombies turn up and start wreaking havoc. The movie has everything from intense action sequences to unexpected twists and is a great example of modern thriller cinema.

One of the things that makes Train to Busan so great is its characters. They are all three-dimensional and have a stake in the story which helps viewers become more invested in their journey. It also features some inventive fight scenes and great visual effects, all of which helps to make it one of the best thrillers on Netflix.

The Hidden

Directed by Jack Sholder, The Hidden is a sci-fi/action thriller which follows an LAPD detective as he attempts to track down a mysterious alien being which is wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. The movie has a great blend of action, suspense and horror and is considered one of the best sci-fi thrillers ever made.

The movie has some great action sequences and mind-blowing special effects which keep viewers on the edge of their seat. The performances from Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri and Claudia Christian are also impressive, and the chemistry between them helps to make the movie even more gripping. If you’re looking for a sci-fi thriller with a great mix of action and scares, this is it.

Panic Room

Panic Room is a classic thriller which follows the story of Meg and her daughter as they hide in their panic room to escape three burglars who have broken into their home. The movie is full of tension, mystery and unexpected twists, making it a fun and exciting thriller to watch.

The movie is incredibly realistic, partly due to Jodie Foster’s convincing performance as Meg. The burglars, too, are believable and interesting, and their motives become increasingly complex as the movie progresses. Panic Room is a perfect example of a modern thriller which is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seat until the very end.

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