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A Flying Jatt is an exciting, visually-driven Bollywood superhero movie directed by Remo D’Souza. The movie stars Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nathan Jones in main roles and follows the story of a working-class Indian boy who gains superhuman powers after being imbued with the power of an ancient Jatt ancestor and becomes a superhero fighting crime.

The movie was the first of its kind in the Bollywood film industry and was well-received by audiences and critics, especially for its energetic and colorful cinematography. A Flying Jatt also had a successful box office run, making it one of the most profitable films in the first week of its release.

The movie takes place in a small settlement near the River Gomti in India, where an ordinary young boy, Aman (Tiger Shroff) learns he is to be a superhero when an ancient, dormant power awakens within him. He receives training and guidance from a supernatural being and an old friend, Mika (Jacqueline Fernandez) who also helps guide him in understanding his new powers. With his newfound powers, Aman sets out to save his community from a ruthless businessman and his wicked plans.

The movie deals with a variety of social and environmental issues, such as a clean environment, responsible business practices, and dealing with bullies. Many experts feel this is an important movie as it spark conversations regarding these issues with younger generations and shed light on how they can help in creating an enabling environment.

A Flying Jatt also stands out in its creative use of CGI and VFX as the movie has certain scenes and effects which were difficult to recreate with traditional methods. From Aman’s superhero suit to how his flying powers look on screen, these effects truly give the movie its own unique look and feel.

The plot and pacing of A Flying Jatt is also noteworthy as it progresses at a steady pace and provides various plot twists and comedic moments that keep viewers engaged in the story. Regardless of its predictable ending, A Flying Jatt is an entertaining movie that provides good value for money and worthwhile entertainment for the entire family.


The soundtrack for A Flying Jatt features various chart-topping hits from renowned composers and singers such as Jigar Sarin, Benny Dayal and Badshah. The music adds both energy and emotion to the movie, with songs such as ‘A Flying Jatt’ and ‘Jatt Jaguar’ setting a cheerful and upbeat mood while slower, more pensive songs such as ‘Toota Jo Kabhi Tara’ provide a more reflective and moving atmosphere.

The music video for the title song ‘A Flying Jatt’ was also acclaimed by fans and was viewed millions of times on YouTube. The music video was shot in a colorful, fun environment and featured Tiger Shroff and co-star Jacqueline Fernandez in several dance scenes.


Tiger Shroff’s performance in A Flying Jatt has been praised by critics, with some even drawing comparisons to Hollywood superhero films. Tiger’s charisma and confident acting style really shines through and helps bring Aman’s heroic story to life on the big screen.

Furthermore, Nathan Jones plays the villainous Raka to great acclaim. Jones brings a lot of energy and menace to the part, and is able to generate strong emotions from audiences, no matter whether he is in a fight scene or a more subtle moment.


A Flying Jatt is a welcome addition to the Bollywood superhero genre. With its compelling plot, visually engaging cinematography, creative use of effects and VFX, and dynamic soundtrack, the movie is a shining example of how Bollywood superhero films can be successful.


A Flying Jatt was nominated for several awards, such as the Best Action Choreography award at the 2017 Stardust Awards. The movie also won the National Award for Best Visual Effects in 2017, making it one of the first Bollywood superhero films to receive critical recognition for its spectacular CGI and VFX-based action sequences.

Social Impact

A Flying Jatt has also had a positive impact on society in terms of encouraging environmental protection. During the movie’s promotional tour, the actors made a point to talk about taking care of the environment, with Tiger Shroff stating “Let us all be responsible citizens of this earth and fight to protect and preserve whatever we can.” Through successful promotion, the movie was able to spark conversations and action regarding environmental protection, making it an even bigger success.

Marketing Strategy

The movie was heavily marketed through various means, from television commercials to social media promotion. The marketing strategy employed varied tactics such as utilizing popular hashtags and came up with innovative ways to engage with audiences, such as creating a cartoon series based on the movie and organizing events around the country. Such efforts helped to generate excitement for the movie and draw in a larger audience.

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