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Movies can be an effective way to explore and understand society. Asian cinema, in particular, has often been criticised for its themes of explicit violence and gangsterism. This includes films exploring the dark underworld of the carnival, a vibrant yet corrupt event. ‘Dirty Carnival’ is a 2006 South Korean drama movie showcasing the lives of gangsters who live by a certain code of honour, and the struggles and struggles of existing in a hostile world. The movie was written and directed by Hong Sang-Soo, a prolific director in the industry. The movie follows several characters as they explore their relationship with society, violence, honour and morality.


‘Dirty Carnival’ kicks off with a carnival setting – attendees, rides, street games, music and dancing. Amongst this, however, is a much darker side of humanity. A young, carefree gangster, Jang Dong-soo, and his gang are living the life of power and celebrity. They revel in the attention they earn from the crowd, but they know they are living a perilous lifestyle. The movie then follows their story as they are thrown into infighting, dealing with rival gangs and grappling with issues of morality in a complex world.
As the movie progresses, Jang Dong-soo is forced to confront his own feelings and the consequences of his actions. This pushes him to make a moral choice, leading him to question the world he lives in and question the purpose of his life. Meanwhile, the other members of his gang are forced to consider their own best interests, and make decisions that could potentially lead to retribution and death.


The movie has an impressive line up of powerful characters. Jang Dong-soo is portrayed brilliantly by Choi Seung-hoon, with a subtle but poignant performance. Choi is at his best when he has to express intense emotions through his expressions and still remain in control. He has the ability to express the complexities of the character he plays, and the emotion behind his actions. Other notable players are Kang Sung-min, who plays the gang’s leader and mentor. He provides order to the gang and keeps them focused on their objectives.


The soundtrack of ‘Dirty Carnival’ is just as intense as the story. It’s filled with a mix of rap, hip-hop, trance and gospel. The music plays an integral role in amplifying the intensity and mood of the movie, and helps to create a unique atmosphere. It also serves to highlight the darkness and chaos of the world these characters inhabit.


‘Dirty Carnival’ received critical acclaim when it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006. The movie was praised for its honest and daring exploration of the dark side of gangsterism, as well as its intense story and thrilling soundtrack. The performances of Choi Seung-hoon and Kang Sung-min also won over many viewers, and their compelling portrayals of the characters are widely regarded as one of the strongest elements of the movie.


‘Dirty Carnival’ is a thought-provoking movie with many themes and messages. At its core, it demonstrates the struggle of existing within a hostile environment, and the consequences of violence. It also showcases the importance of morality and honour, and the consequences of living by different sets of standards. The movie is a powerful reminder of the importance of making the right decisions, and the power of the human spirit to fight against adversity.

Analysis of Themes

At a time when gangsterism was glamorised in many films, ‘Dirty Carnival’ stands out for its sincere exploration of the reality of violence. The movie delves into the dark world of carnivals, a unique setting which has been used to explore the dangers of the criminal underworld. Throughout the movie, the characters are seen struggling to deal with the consequences of their choices, and weigh up the importance of morality against their desires. Jang Dong-soo is particularly interesting as he explores his own code of honour, and discovers the true power of justice and mercy.

The Struggle For Safety

The struggle for safety is a recurring theme throughout ‘Dirty Carnival’. The characters are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves in a world where violence is rife. This sense of fear is captured brilliantly in the myriad of characters, who each display their own unique struggle to survive. The movie depicts how the characters try to make sense of the violence around them, and develop coping mechanisms to face the reality before them.

Symbolic Representation

The carnival setting of ‘Dirty Carnival’ is symbolic for the criminal underworld of Asian cinema. It serves as a potent metaphor for the existences of the gangsters, who are stuck between the two extremes of law and chaos. The carnival setting is a representation of the environment they inhabit, which is full of danger, desperation and violence. It’s a fitting backdrop to explore the struggles of the characters, and their fight for survival.


‘Dirty Carnival’ is a gripping movie with a complex and thought-provoking story. It serves as a powerful reminder of the darkness that exists in the criminal underworld, as well as an exploration of morality, honour and justice. The movie is an intense and unnerving look at the prevalence of violence in Asian cinema, and showcases the struggles of the characters as they grapple with their own sense of self-preservation and morality.

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