A December Bride Hallmark Holiday Romance Movies

The Prevalence Of Hallmark Holiday Romance Movies

Hallmark holiday romance movies have become a beloved staple of cozy holiday evenings. Hallmark holiday romance films are some of the most watched films year-round, but especially during the winter months, when Christmas and family films on the Hallmark Channel air almost constantly. The films tell stories of love, joy, and sentimental holiday cheer that viewers adore and get swept away in.

The Beginning of Hallmark Holiday Romance Movies

The first Hallmark holiday romance movie was aired in 2002, called ‘A Christmas Visitor’. The movie had decent ratings for the time and Hallmark soon realized that with the right romantic ingredients, an audience would be guaranteed each December. Within the next 10 years, Hallmark began expanding its original films and the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ holiday lineup was created in 2011. This lineup included ‘A December Bride’, the very first in the popular ‘Christmas in Evergreen’ films which is set in the fictional and quaint town of Evergreen.

The December Bride

The December Bride tells the story of a successful attorney and her friend, a veterinarian, as they fall in love and decide to elope in the town of Evergreen. The movie reflects on the idea that love can come along in any season, no matter the timing. The characters both learn the true meaning of love and that a meaningful connection is more valuable than any amount of money. The movie emphasizes the true spirit of Christmas and the importance of family.

Main Subplots and Themes

The movie has several other subplots including well-known Hallmark tropes. One main theme is ‘following one’s dream’, which is highlighted when one of the characters struggles to choose between security and fortune and the pursuit of a dream career. Another theme is ‘leaving one’s comfort zone’ and the characters must make the decision to step out of their safety zones and pursue a bigger life.

Reception of the December Bride

The December Bride was met with resounding praise and approval from viewers. Hallmark movie aficionados as well as casual viewers were enthralled by the December Bride, as it encapsulated two of the most sought-after elements of a Hallmark holiday movie: a heartwarming love story and a sentimental holiday atmosphere. Hallmark movie viewers feel as if they are part of the story and are taken away to another world each time a new movie airs.

Hallmark Movies:Educator and Entertainer

Hallmark holiday romance movies teach audiences valuable lessons, reminding them to open their heart to the spirit of Christmas, adopt the idea that love can come to them in any season, and pursue their dreams. Although the movies are often seen as cheesy, many viewers flock to them for their sentimentality. In recent years, Hallmark holiday romance films have taken on more diverse and unique story lines to keep viewers engaged, and have made films more inclusive for viewers with different backgrounds and experiences.

The December Bride’s Success

Since its premiere in 2016, the December Bride has become an instant classic in the eyes of many Hallmark viewers. The December Bride was the first Hallmark movie shot entirely in Canada and since then, numerous other films have been shot on-location. The references to Christmas, the enchanting romance, and the quaintness of the fictional town made the movie unforgettable.

Popularity of Hallmark Movies

Hallmark romance films have become increasingly popular as the years go by – Hallmark has created over 200 original films to date. Viewership ratings for Hallmark have skyrocketed during the 2020 pandemic, with an increase of nearly 40%. Hallmark movies are escapism for fans in these uncertain times, providing viewers with an enchanting love story and a reminder that love will always triumph over all else.

The December Bride’s Legacy

The December Bride will remain an all-time Hallmark favorite due to its universal appeal and timeless message. The movie’s themes and storylines will be remembered for years to come, further proving the impressive staying power of Hallmark holiday romance films. With its beautiful scenery, holiday spirit, and heartwarming love story, The December Bride will no doubt continue to be a beloved classic of the Hallmark holiday movie family.

The Significance of Christmas in Hallmark Movies

Christmas plays a significant role in Hallmark movies, as it is often a time that brings out the best in all characters. Christmas is a time for reconciliation, forgiveness, and love. In Hallmark movies, Christmas is often the backdrop for all characters when they decide to make a fresh start and the holiday itself is a large contributing factor for the transformations of the characters.

Romance Genre of Hallmark Movies

Hallmark movies also offer a unique entry into the romance genre, as the focus is infused more with love and family, than physicality and passions. There are often multiple relationships within Hallmark movies, between the two main characters, their families, and the dynamic of their relationship. For many viewers, these Hallmark holiday romance films provide a much needed break from reality and their own family dynamics, while still providing an understanding of the meaning of family and love.

Strong Female Leads in Hallmark Movies

The December Bride is also notable in its realistic portrayal of a strong female lead, as both of its stars are successful in their respective fields. Hallmark holiday romance films often feature an independent young woman who refuses to let her career take a backseat to true love. This feature of Hallmark films have become more appreciated in recent years, as viewers have become increasingly aware of the importance of seeing successful powerful women on-screen.

Themes of Sacrifice in Hallmark Movies

The Hallmark holiday romance films often include a theme of sacrifice, as characters often have to make major decisions that challenge their established sense of routine and comfort. The December Bride also follows this theme: its characters make the hard decision to put their priorities before profit and venture into a new world of possibilities despite the possible risks. This message of sacrifice for a greater favor is highly uplifting for viewers and often evokes a sense of comfort in difficult times.


The December Bride has set the standard for Hallmark holiday romance movies, offering viewers a strong message of family, trust, and love. As a Hallmark fan-favorite, it has inspired countless other movies and set the stage for Hallmark fans to return each December for more festive holiday cheer. Through its enduring themes, beautiful scenery, and heartwarming love story, it’s no wonder why The December Bride is remembered so fondly.

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