A Country Romance Movies

Realistic romantic movies, often set in the idealised landscape of the countryside, bring us into a world of love, hope, and optimism in times of darkness.

Since the dawn of Hollywood, movie-goers have loved the power of a great rom-com set in the countryside. From classic meet-cutes to elegant ballroom scene, these movies have the power to pull us in and make us fall in love vicariously.

Take, for example, ‘Gone With The Wind’, released in 1939. The movie follows Scarlett O’Hara as she is rejected by the man she loves, loses her family home, and struggles to survive all the while trying to win back the affections of her beloved. The romance of the movie is set in a Southern plantation and is timeless and recognizable even today.

From ‘Sense and Sensibility’ to ‘The Quiet Man’, Romantic Country Movies have been providing moviegoers with an escape from the fast-paced life of city living since the beginning of Hollywood. They are a chance to take an emotional journey with the protagonists, in a slower and more relaxed setting outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The unique blend of pathos and passion struck a chord with moviegoers and gave these movies a lasting appeal. In recent years we have seen an increase in the popularity of these kinds of movies, with films such as ‘The Notebook’ and ‘The Holiday’.

The popularity of this sub-genre is largely due to its ability to evoke strong emotional responses. Many of these stories are about young people falling in love, having to choose between love and fate and overcoming adversity. These stories make us laugh and cry, but more importantly, they remind us of the power of love and how it can overcome any obstacle.

Romantic Country Movies also provide a different kind of escape, a nostalgia for a simpler life and a more relaxed approach to love. These stories reinforce positive messages about the power of love and emphasize the importance of communication and understanding in relationships. In a world where many of us feel overwhelmed and uncertain, these movies allow us a chance to escape into a world of romance.

Past Romance

Country romances often focus on period pieces, or stories set in the past. In these types of films, the conventions of the past in terms of courtship rituals are explored and often provide a narrative backdrop to the story. The nostalgia that these films evoke can be powerful in providing us with a sense of escapism.

Take, for example, the 2004 adaptation of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. The movie takes place in the 1800s in an idyllic rural setting and explores themes such as love and class differences. It shows how people from different social classes and backgrounds are able to connect and find common ground, and ultimately fall in love.

The classic 1940 film ‘The Shop Around The Corner’ is another example of a country romance movie. The movie follows two shop assistants who write each other anonymous letters without knowing that they are actually the same person. The setting of the movie, a quaint Hungarian department store, reinforces the romantic elements of the movie.

The success of these films lies in their ability to make us feel like we are part of the story, as if we are also living in a different era, with different social conventions and expectations. These stories remind us of a simpler time and make us yearn for a chance to experience a similar kind of romance.

Modern Romance

While period pieces are the classic examples of Country Romance Movies, these kinds of movies have also become more modern in recent years. Many of these films still take place in a rural setting, but the protagonists are often more modern and relatable to contemporary audiences.

Take, for example, ‘The Holiday’, released in 2006. The movie follows two women in different countries, Iris and Amanda, as they leave their respective homes and go on a two-week holiday. Set in rural England and Los Angeles, the movie is nostalgic and explores classic themes of love and friendship while remaining relevant and enjoyable to a modern audience.

More recently, Netflix’s romantic comedy ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ follows a couple as they prepare for university and try to make their relationship work long-distance. While set in the modern-day, the movie is set in a rural English town, which serves to provide a nostalgic backdrop to the story and builds upon the charm and appeal of the original movie.

Country Romance Movies, both period pieces and modern stories, give us a chance to escape from our everyday lives and go on an emotional journey with the protagonists. They remind us of the power of love and how it can help us overcome any obstacle. Whether set in the past or present, these movies make us believe in the power of romance.

Romance in Other Countries

Country Romance Movies are not limited to those set in English-speaking countries. Many of these stories are set in Europe, with Italy and France often being used as settings due to their picturesque countryside and relaxed ambience.

The 2002 movie ‘A Walk To Remember’ takes place in a small North Carolina town, but it is also set partially in a rural Italian town in the Abruzzo region. The movie follows a high-school couple as they fall in love with each other, set against the backdrop of the Italian countryside.

The 2003 romantic comedy ‘Chasing Liberty’ follows a young woman’s journey of self-discovery set in Europe. Again, the movie draws from the charm and beauty of Europe, showcasing the quaint streets, rolling hills and vibrant culture of the continent.

Other romantic movies such as ‘The Tourist’ (2010) and ‘Letters to Juliet’ (2010) are set in Italy and explore more contemporary stories set in the country. These stories provide us with an escape and remind us of the charm and beauty of romance, no matter what country or language it is set in.

Romantic Comedies

Romantic comedies, such as ‘Notting Hill’ (1999) and ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ (1994) have also been incredibly popular in recent years. These stories are often set in the countryside, in quaint English towns and villages, and use the genre’s conventions to explore themes of love, friendship, and family.

These movies are often light-hearted and provide us with an escape from our everyday lives. They also remind us of the importance of love and human connection and how it can help us deal with difficult situations in life.

Romantic comedies often use the conventions of the genre to explore more serious themes. Films such as ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ (2001), ‘Sleepless In Seattle’ (1993), and ‘Love, Rosie’ (2014) use humour and light-heartedness to tell stories about complex issues such as parenthood, relationships, and loss.

These stories often draw on the conventions of romantic comedies but explore more serious themes and challenges. They also remind us of the importance of love and how it can help us overcome any obstacle.


Romantic Country Movies have been entertaining audiences since the beginning of Hollywood, and the genre is still incredibly popular today. From period pieces to contemporary stories, these movies draw us into a world of love, hope, and optimism, and remind us of the power of love and how it can help us overcome any obstacle.

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