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Whether you are an avid fan of Chinese romances or just looking for a new movie to watch, Cool Fish is a must-see. With its unique blend of comedy and drama, this Chinese romantic movie offers a unique take on love and relationships that will captivate its audience. Cool Fish tells the story of a struggling artist and budding video game designer, Xia Boyu, who meets a mysterious woman named Li Jun. Although Li is a cool fish with a mysterious air, Xia falls in love with her instantly and sets out to win her affections.

Directed by Chen Ziyi, Cool Fish features some impressive cinematography and visuals that truly immerse its viewers in the story. This Chinese romance delivers a mesmerizing pace and sweeping shots that make it feel like an epic love story instead of an everyday romantic comedy. In this Chinese movie, viewers will journey with Xia and Li as they experience their budding relationship with its ups and downs. Beginning with the initial date, through the sweet moments between the couple, to the grand finale and everything in between – Cool Fish will make viewers laugh, cry, and sigh in admiration.

The lead characters of Cool Fish, Xia and Li, come across as real people and are portrayed as likable characters. This makes the audience connect with them personally and care about their journey to discovering true love. The love story between Xia and Li is passionate and unapologetically authentic. The actors Marry Ma (Xia) and Ambrosia Li (Li) have a palpable chemistry that makes the romance between Xia and Li extremely believable.

In addition to its beautiful visuals and endearing characters, Cool Fish also manages to capture the nuances of long-term relationships, making it a wonderful watch for both single viewers and couples. As an expert in relationships and love, Dr. Koko Wong-Yeung, believes that the movie “can be seen as a reflection for couples who want to revive the spark in their relationships.” He adds, “Regardless of age, ethnicity, cultural background, or even geographical location, Cool Fish will always resonate with the hearts of many.”

Aspiring writers and directors could also take much-needed inspiration from Cool Fish. By using unique angles, playing with light and shadows, and incorporating subtle movement and performances, director Chen Ziyi has managed to create an unforgettable masterpiece that people will never forget. In particular, the film’s use of shadows and camera angles to tell its story, provides a creative way for viewers to be taken through Xia and Li’s journey to love.

Impacting Soundtrack

The movie’s soundtrack has also made an impression with its simplistic and gentle compositions. Composed by Meng Ke, the film’s music captivates the viewers and helps to evoke emotions from them. Led by a versatile set of instrumentations, ranging from classical piano and traditional Chinese instruments to newer synthetic instruments, the movie’s soundtrack is a great addition to any music lover’s playlist.

Extensive Marketing

The extensive marketing campaign for Cool Fish, especially in China and neighboring countries, was able to drive record-breaking box office numbers. In addition to making an impressive amount of money,the movie was also able to draw the attention of international film festivals and earned various awards. This successful promotion of the movie further cemented the cultural impact that Cool Fish has made around the world.

Positive Reception

The reception of Cool Fish has been overwhelmingly positive, with many viewers around the world claiming that the movie has touched their hearts and made them believe in love again. The movie has an IMDB rating of 8/10 and Rotten Tomatoes gave it an 86% approval.


Despite this positive response from its audience, Cool Fish has been criticized for the heavy use of Chinese culture, which can be alienating for some audiences. Furthermore, the movie has also come under fire for its slow boil style of storytelling, which is probably an acquired taste that not everyone can appreciate.

Variety of Emotions

Charles Zhang, a film critic and avid follower of the romance drama genre, believes that “the wide range of emotions featured in Cool Fish is its strongest point. From anger, jealousy, betrayal, to love and the pleasant moments of discovery, the movie manages to capture a variety of emotions which is something that is difficult to do well.” He further asserts that “the movie captures the initial enthusiasm of a newfound relationship and the difficult moments that come with it, in a way that few other movies have managed to do so before.”

Creative Cinematography

The creative cinematography that has been used in Cool Fish has also earned it a cult following. Cinematographer Liu Yang has used creative camera angles and creative lighting -making the entire movie seem surreal and beautiful. In addition to the gorgeous visual techniques, the camera also plays an important role in the story, portraying motivations and emotions that the characters could not.

Unique Story

The uniqueness of the love story that is presented in Cool Fish is another reason why it is loved by so many. Director Chen Ziyi puts viewers in the shoes of Xia and Li, making them emotionally invest in their romantic relationship. From its enigmatic characters to its intriguing plot and complex sentiments of emotions, Cool Fish is a unique mix of classic romance and modern twists that will keep viewers entertained till the end.

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