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A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is a new holiday-themed romantic comedy directed by Michelle Johnston. The film likes to keep things light and easy as it follows a young woman named Katie (played by Laura Marano) trying to make her dreams come true. The setting for her dream-land is an enchanted Christmas Wish Village in which everything is possible, from dancing to getting the man she loves. As for the man, he is no other than the celebrity singer, Rex (played by Gregg Sulkin).

Since the movie is a romantic comedy, it relies heavily on the naïve and innocent characteristics that are typical of all Cinderella stories. Katie as the main character embodies this as she believes in the power of true love and destiny, which makes her all the more endearing and likable, and in turn, this makes her relatable to many viewers. Moreover, the film shows how Katie is willing to work hard and to never give up on her dreams, giving the audience something to cheer on.

Furthermore, the movie keeps things joyful, as it is centered around Christmas time and has a dreamy and whimsical feel to it. Specifically, the vivid colors and lighting reflect the holiday spirit. This serves as contrast to the grayscale world of reality, in which Katie’s dreams remain far away. However, in the enchanted Christmas Wish Village, anything can happen and Katie is determined to make it there

The movie emphasizes the idea of dreams. The idea is that Katie needs to believe in herself and engage in a bit of self-love in order to make her dreams come true. Despite her seemingly lost state in the real world, where her parents are divorced and she is constantly wishing for a better life, she is able to take solace in the world of Christmas Wish Village. There, she is able to realize that she can make anything happen if she only believes. Rex, on his part, serves as a motivation for Katie, as his voice and music continually remind her of her dream.

In every romance movie, there is a love story, and this one is no exception. While Rex and Katie’s story is rather unique, it still has all the necessary components of a traditional romance, such as a mutual understanding, trust, and loyalty. What makes it different is the fact that they are both trying to make their dreams come true, a situation which adds an extra layer of tension. Consequently, the film is able to provide a unique perspective on the classic romantic movie formula.

Despite its Christmas setting, the movie is suitable for year-round viewing. According to Alexandra Avalos, a media expert, “it is an uplifting tale about believing in yourself and having faith in happily-ever-afters. So if you’re ever in need of something lighthearted and dreamy, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is just the movie for you.”


Fortunately, the movie is filled with comedic moments that are sure to keep the audience in high spirits. Most of the movie’s humor comes from the contrast between Katie’s idealistic outlook and the world of reality, which has its own problems and drama. Chad, the antagonist of the story, adds to the comedy as his attempts to woo Katie are always thwarted by her strengthened convictions.

In addition to this, the movie also shows how Katie’s trials affect her, but instead of stewing in defeat, she is able to make light of her situation. This is due in part to her strong relationship with her friend and confidant, Savannah; their exchanges provide a much needed laughter in the film, breaking the tension and allowing the audience to focus on the positive aspects of the movie.

The comic aspect of the movie often leads to humorous physical comedy. Certain situations are presented with an exaggerated sense of comedic timing, and the character’s reactions become punchlines. This type of comedy is relatively easy to relate to and to laugh about, as it often brings about a sense of familiarity.

In conclusion, the movie has a great sense of humor. From the top to the bottom, there is always something funny happening, making it a great movie for any festive occasion.


Not only is the movie filled with a sense of joy, but also a sense of family. This is illustrated through the relationship between Katie, her mom, and her stepfather. The movie progresses by showing how Katie’s dream is a product of her family’s support and understanding. Even during her trials, her family is always there to guide her, shift her focus, and remind her of her motivations.

Katie’s relationship with her mom is particularly strong, with her mom “always there when Katie needs her”. Katie is able to rely on her mom’s support to pick her up when she’s feeling down, confident, or even excited. Additionally, the movie showcases how all family members are equal. Every person, regardless of relationship and blood ties, are able to support each other, as is demonstrated when Katie’s stepfather plays a key role in helping Katie with her dream.

The movie celebrates more than just the role of family. Its overall message is that Katie can be her own hero. This idea is supported by her passions, her relationships with her friends, and her strong faith in the power of dreams. In other words, Katie is the one guiding her own destiny, and those around her only play supportive roles in helping her toward it.


Throughout this movie, there are numerous lessons to be learned from Katie’s journey. The most prominent is that anything is possible if one believes. Katie’s determination is her key to staying afloat and following her dreams. Furthermore, the movie also illustrates how one should never stop believing, no matter how difficult the dream may seem. Additionally, the movie teaches the importance of family, friends, and support.

Finally, the movie addresses the idea that true love exists and is worth fighting for. Throughout her journey, Katie takes a step back to focus on herself and what she truly wants. She learns that a successful relationship is built on trust, mutual understanding, and communication. As a result of her journey, Katie is able to make relationships that are built on these qualities.


Music plays a crucial role in A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish. After all, the plot of the story revolves around the character of Rex, an aspiring singer who uses his voice to keep Katie motivated. Not only does the movie provide a platform for Rex to perform his music, it also incorporates original songs specifically composed for the movie.

The soundtrack of the movie is filled with holiday-themed music, as well as romantic ballads and uplifting folk songs. The music varies in tempo and track lengths, which allows the audience to remain engaged and entertained. Additionally, the music was composed to match what was occurring on screen, making it even more effective in conveying the movie’s message.

In conclusion, the music of A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish plays an integral part in conveying its message. The soundtrack is composed in a way that incorporates various music genres, ensuring that viewers remain interested and entertained. With its unique mix of both holiday-specific and uplifting songs, the music is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Costume Design

The costume design in A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish plays a prominent role in conveying the movie’s message. While it has a modern touch, it mostly remains loyal to the classic Cinderella-esque style of clothing. This is best represented in the character of Katie, whose conservative clothing is consistent with that of a traditional Cinderella, even though her story is up to date.

Moreover, the costumes vary in color and fabric depending on the scene, which greatly helps in translating each character and mood. In other words, the costumes of the main characters adapt and reflect their desires and emotions. This can be seen in the fact that Katie is allowed to show her fashion sense to her own surprise.

The costumes are also used to signify the transition from reality to the fantasy world. For example, when Katie is in the Christmas Wish Village, she wears colorful and brighter clothes than when she is in the real world. This serves as a visual representation of her moving away from everyday life and into her own dream.

In conclusion, costume design plays a major part in A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, as it helps in demonstrating the transition between reality and fantasy, as well as character development. With its colorful, traditional costumes, the movie is sure to be visually pleasing.


Above all, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is a movie that celebrates the power of dreams, family, and the holidays. Its uplifting themes and character arcs have left a lasting impression, with many people insisting that it is one of the top holiday-themed romantic comedies. Consequently, the movie has spawned several spin-offs, such as the release of the 3-part animated series “A Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song.”

The film has also been branded in various merchandise and coffee mugs, with its playful and romantic visuals serving as the main attraction. Along with this, several charities have become associated with the film, as they use its heartwarming story as a message of inspiration. Groups such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Families of the Fallen have implemented the film’s “anything is possible” mantra in order to spread support and hope to those who need it.

In conclusion, A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is a movie that has left a lasting legacy with its heartfelt message and uplifting visuals. Through its many spin-offs and associations with charity, it has become a beacon of hope for many people during the holiday season.

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