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To many, Christmas and romance movies are the ultimate combination. And this holiday season, the film A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has us all talking. The movie follows the storyline of Amber, a young journalist, and her increasingly complicated relationship with the handsome, dashing Prince of the fictional country Aldovia, who she has been asked to write a feature on. And it turns out these two were destined to be…

The movie follows the classic components of a romance movie, with a little bit of extra Christmas magic sprinkled in. Of course, there is the happy ending where the two protagonists end up together, but the real beauty of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding lies in the well-crafted and thoughtful script. There are strong messages about standing up for yourself and trusting your instincts, which resonated with many viewers. In an interview with Variety, one of the producers of the movie, Brad Krevoy, revealed that it was these distinctive messages that he wanted audiences to identify with: “We wanted the characters to be aspirational but relatable. Many of us in the audience have probably had a moment where we’ve second-guessed ourselves, where we should have trusted our instincts more instead of succumbing to a situation.”

The success of the film is due, in part, to the casting. Starring Rose McIver (of iZombie fame) as Amber and Ben Lamb as Prince Richard, many fans praised the chemistry between the two leads. Not only were they both charismatic, they were able to draw viewers into the story in a way that other movies in this genre hadn’t done before. The couple’s love trajectory seemed more honest and genuine, other than the predictable “each hates the other until they realize the truth about themselves and each other.”

The viewer numbers have been impressive too; it looks like many are settling in to watch this heartwarming tale with a hot chocolate. On its first day, the film was viewed by 3.4 million viewers, and in its first week it was watched 8 million times! It seems many felt just as enamored by the characters and setting as they did with the first installment of the Christmas Prince series.

Additionally, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, evidently benefits from the current trend in romantic television. Last year we had the unlikely success of The Bachelor due to the rise in the popularity of reality romance shows. This increased visibility and interest in the genre has likely contributed to the success of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding as well. As romance movies become increasingly in demand, studios are recognizing the potential in investing in such projects.

In a time when fairy tales and happy endings have become the stuff of legend, the fan base for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has justifiably grown. For many, this movie presents a charming story, and the chance to suspend reality for a moment and indulge in a modern-day fairy tale.

Script elements

A key element in the success of A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding was the script. Not only did it contain strong messages about standing up for oneself and trusting ones instincts, it was also nuanced and heartfelt in its delivery. This carefully thought-out screenplay provided the film with an edge over other romance movies and made it stand out among its contemporaries.

Audience members responded well to the characters and their development. The scriptwriters had the difficult task of making a romantic comedy without the over-the-top scenarios and dialogue that are often seen in similar films. By giving the characters more honesty and nuance, the viewers could emotionally engage with them more. Rose McIver and Ben Lamb did an excellent job of bringing the achingly romantic script to life, and it is this combination of script elements and stellar acting that make the film such a success.

Romantic Genre Trends

Romantic movies have been around for a long time, but the genre’s evolution has kept it relevant. Current trends indicate that if a movie contains elements of surprise, or creates its own unique spin, then viewers are more likely to watch it – as with A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Romance movies can also take unexpected stylistic detours, as evidenced by filmmakers Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite) and Steven Knight (Burnt) who have successfully given period romance a dark, atmospheric twist.

The genre has also seen a shift in focus towards the female protagonist, with the storyline now focusing more on her story and the decisions she makes, rather than the romantic interest that is often found in traditional romance films. Films such as Crazy Rich Asians, When Harry Met Sally and The Notebook now focus much more on the female protagonist’s journey, her successes and her setbacks; presenting her as a strong, independent woman despite her romantic history.

The Future of Romance

As romantic movies continue to gain popularity, filmmakers are now more likely to take risks. With the genre now shedding its predictable outcomes, the result are movies that are exciting, funny and unexpected. With such ambitious and creative projects dominating the genre, viewers can expect to see a host of intriguing, intriguing surprises with every new romance movie.

Romance movies are also now slowly exploring the genre’s vast potential. With projects such as Love, Simon and the upcoming To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before franchise, filmmakers are now exploring romances between people of different orientations, ages and backgrounds. There is also a move towards projects that delve into the complexity of relationships and present us with complex, nuanced characters.

Media Platforms

The availability of romantic movies across different media platforms has had a huge impact on the genre. Movies like A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding can easily be streamed and watched at home, meaning that more people have access to these films than ever before. Digital platforms are also able to reach a larger global audience, further increasing the reach of the genre.

Netflix, in particular, has been a driving force in the increasing visibility of romance movies. Its foray into the genre with To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Set It Up have only added to the success of the genre and have helped to make it more widely accessible. Similarly, Amazon Prime recently released the very popular The Big Sick, which has been well-received by fans and critics alike.

Audience Response

The public’s response to A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding has been overwhelmingly positive. Not only has it been viewed 8 million times in its first week, it has developed an extensive fan base that includes people of all ages. The result has been an adorable array of fan art and creative accounts dedicated to the movie.

It is clear that this movie has struck a chord with viewers. It’s relatable characters and charming storyline make it stand out among other romantic movies and it has not gone unnoticed. In fact, the movie’s popularity has caught the attention of Netlfix itself, with rumors circulating that a sequel may be in the works.

As more and more romance movies are released each year, it’s clear that the genre still has much to offer. Movies like A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding are helping to redefine the genre and prove that there is still a place for these whimsical stories in our hearts.

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