A Christmas Prince Royal Romance Movies

A Christmas Prince Royal Romance Movies

Christmas movies are loved by many for their ability to engage the emotions of joy, warmth and, of course, romance. The 2017 Netflix holiday movie “A Christmas Prince” is no different, and it has become a classic in the genre.

The story centers around Amber Moore (Rose McIver), an aspiring young journalist sent to the small European country of Aldovia to track the activities of a potential member of the royal family who has been abroad. When Amber arrives in Aldovia, she unknowingly assumes the identity of a tutor for the veiled and mysterious Prince Richard, who is in the midst of royal succession. Sparks fly between the prince and Amber as they learn more about each other, and Amber uncovers secrets regarding his royal family.

The combination of comedy, romance and intrigue in “A Christmas Prince” is irresistible to many viewers, who have helped make it one of the most-watched original Christmas movies from the streaming service. Over the past few years, the movie has become the ninth most-streamed title for the holiday season, according to a study by Decemberists.com and Statista, and the fifth most-streamed holiday movie on Netflix.

The popularity of the original title has led to the creation of two direct sequels in 2018 and 2019 — “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” and “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby.” Netflix capitalized on viewers’ fascination with the royal family with these two spin-offs, which feature Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), Amber (Rose McIver) and the royal family of Aldovia as they prepare for Richard and Amber’s wedding in the first film and the birth of their first child in the second.

The success of the franchise has sparked a growing trend among streaming services like Netflix of releasing “royal romance” movies over the holidays. With its popular romantic storylines, global wealth and expansive castles, the movie genre has captivated millions of viewers around the world.

Psychologist Dr. Robyn Silverman believes that the genre appeals to hesitant romantics with its “escape factor.” She points to the movies’ recognition of life’s complications and their reliance on meaningful lessons, from the importance of honesty to the power of commitment. “At its heart,” says Dr. Silverman, “these movies mostly offer us hope.”

When Amber Moore arrives in Aldovia in “A Christmas Prince”, she symbolizes viewers’ desire for a true home and family. “People want to feel a sense of belonging,” says Dr. Silverman. “Romance movies show us that family is an achievable reality and that we can create it.”


The “A Christmas Prince” series has been extremely successful in the U.K., with the original film becoming the most-watched Netflix movie of 2018. It is estimated that the trilogy has been viewed more than 147 million times in the U.K., and the movies have spawned several merchandise lines.

The popularity of the franchise has also inspired other streaming services to create their own holiday-themed romantic comedies. Amazon Prime released “Christmas Inheritance,” a movie about a young heiress sent to the small town of Elixir to fulfill the tasks of her late father, in 2017. That same year, Hulu released “12 Dates of Christmas,” about two strangers who randomly run into each other 12 times over the holiday season.

The success of these royal romance movies proves that these films, with their unique blend of comedy, intrigue and romance, will remain a favorite among viewers for many years to come.

Romance and Comedy

The “A Christmas Prince” series boasts both romance and comedy, appealing to viewers with different tastes. The movies often feature Prince Richard and Amber trying, and often failing, to one-up each other in romantic encounters, whether it’s a foot race or a jousting tournament. The rivalries also offer viewers moments of comic relief during the movie’s more serious moments.

The original “A Christmas Prince” is considered the crown jewel in the series’ lineup, mixing dramatic moments with hilarious ones. In one memorable scene, Amber expresses her love for Prince Richard by speaking in an exaggeratedly solemn voice, causing both of them to burst into laughter.

But for all their offbeat romantic encounters, the movies still manage to deliver meaningful messages about love and relationships. Prince Richard and Amber frequently showcase the importance of honest communication, honesty and, ultimately, the power to make brave decisions in the face of doubt.

Production Quality

The production quality in the “A Christmas Prince” series is second to none. The original 2017 movie was shot in Romania, and the sequels were shot in Slovakia and Albania. The locations add an air of authenticity to the films and also give viewers a glimpse into a part of the world they may never have seen before.

The production team also does a wonderful job of portraying life in a small, rural European country. From the bustling marketplace in Aldovia to the lush fields and picturesque villages, the movies put you in the heart of the action. The costuming and production design also accurately capture the high life of a prince and the daily routines of a small-town tutor.

The spectacular visuals, coupled with the series’ romantic storylines, make “A Christmas Prince” an entertaining series and a must-watch for any fan of holiday romance movies.

Story Line

The “A Christmas Prince” series follows the story of Amber Moore, an aspiring young journalist sent to the small European country of Aldovia to uncover the truth about a mysterious member of the royal family. When Amber arrives, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with the prince of Aldovia, Richard, and quickly finds herself in the depths of a true royal romance.

The movies follow the couple as they encounter both magical and abnormal obstacles that test their dedication to each other. Through their adventures, viewers get a glimpse of life as a royal, from traveling around the world to attending grand banquets and royal weddings.

Overall, the “A Christmas Prince” series is a fun and light-hearted watch for viewers of all ages. The two sequels of the original movie add more excitement to the franchise and deepen Amber and Richard’s relationship.


The “A Christmas Prince” series is filled with themes of love, romance and family. The films explore the complexities of family dynamics and show viewers that even a seemingly perfect royal family is not immune to struggles.

The movies give viewers both a comedic and dramatic look at the realities of being in a relationship with someone from a completely different world than you. Richard and Amber must overcome hurdles related to both their families and societal pressures in order to stay together.

The love story between Prince Richard and Amber serves as a reminder that love conquers all — and that true love requires loyalty and trust, even when the odds are stacked against you.


The “A Christmas Prince” series has resonated with viewers globally due to its compelling stories and lovable characters. The movies offer a mix of comedy, romance and drama, giving viewers an entertaining and emotionally-fulfilling watch every time. The franchise has proven that royal romance movies are here to stay, and is a great example of the genre.

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