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Background Information

Christmas is a magical time. It’s a period of celebration, giving and loving. For many, Christmas movies are a source of comfort and a way to experience the winter season from the warmth of the home. With the development of entertainment technology, it’s now possible for us to live out our holiday dreams on screen. Christmas-themed romance movies are a hit when it comes to holiday entertainment. One of the most popular subgenres of such films is the Christmas Cruise genre.


Christmas cruises are expensive but are worth the cost due to how festive and romantic they can make a person feel. In these movies, two people usually find themselves going on a journey together and proceeding to make lots of new discoveries and face obstacles that bring them closer to each other. More often than not, the cruise becomes the setting of the movie and the lead characters try to find their happily ever after there.
Typically, one of the characters planning the cruise is looking for something more out of their life and the other is a love-shy caricature who needs a bit of convincing. In this kind of movie, viewers often root for the pair as they travel along and discover love, life and new places together.
Furthermore, owing to lavish sets and merry cast, there is never a dull moment. Christmas Cruise movies usually have an upbeat vibe that helps the viewers forget their worldly troubles and dive into the joys of the holiday season. As the characters start to fall in love, the audience can’t help but feel happy for them.
Many Christmas cruise movies incorporate the culture of the destination in the characters’ relationships. For example, if the couple is vacationing in New England during the season, they will often draw upon a classic New England romance or if the cruise is taking place in the Caribbean, the movie won’t ignore the exotic charm of the Caribbean sea. In this way, the characters are able to get the most out of their cruise adventure, which helps the audience relate to the characters better.
The production process of Christmas Cruise movies is intense in the sense that it needs the crew to have a fair bit of prior experience when it comes to sailing, filmmaking and holiday production. The crew needs to be skilled enough to make a beautifully fun film that has both a good story line and wonderful cinematic shots of the journey.
In terms of acting, movies of this genre require all actors to grasp the most of the setting and captivate the viewers with their festive emotion and cheer. Christmas Cruise movies necessitate some degree of natural acting due to the festive setting and because of this, all the Christmas cruise movies are known for having great scripts and impeccably talented casts.
This genre of Christmas movies has been renowned for delivering the perfect mix of drama, comedy and romance to the viewers. As young or adult viewers, people have all enjoyed watching the movie and been inspired to embark their own holiday adventure.

Data and Perspectives

According to a survey conducted by The Lincoln Journal Star, 78% of Americans prefer to watch romantic Christmas movies during the holiday season. Among these, Christmas Cruise movies enjoy the highest viewership due to the heartfelt moments, romance and panoramic shots of destinations such as the Caribbean and Europe.
Moreover, numerous veteran filmmakers around the world have resources to produce movies of high quality and manage to produce a bankable film with a budget as low as a million dollars. This type of low-budget production is possible due to majority of the costs covered by sponsors and the money generated during the promotions.
According to Thomas Walsh, the general manager of a theater in New York, the past decade has seen a major rise in the production of Christmas Cruise movies and this might be the result of people being more interested in stories focused around journey and travel. He also pointed out that the producers and leading studios have now figured out the formula needed to make a success out of a Christmas Cruise movie.
Furthermore, professional film reviewer Shelly Kennedy suggests that these movies still have had an element of surprise as there have been no sequels and all the movies have had a difference in their story lines. She believes that the directors of this kind of movie have been able to captivate the viewers by challenging them with unique plots, surprising twists and picturesque locations.

Main Topic Analysis

Christmas theme movies are known for their cheerful and calming comfort. These movies also carry out a distinctive message of hope during the holiday season which works as a source of inspiration for many. Christmas Cruise movies are no different. They offer the most out of the festive season by incorporating joy, love, and adventure in their stories.
These movies that provide a new perspective on the season by taking viewers overseas to some iconic destinations and steal the hearts’ of their viewers. As opposed to other Christmas movies, the Christmas cruise movies usually double up on the happy vibes by showing the lead characters exploring their relationship and having fun or facing some trying times on the cruise ship.
By doing this, viewers often feel as if they are on the deck of the ship themselves, looking out at the horizon and savoring all the moments that the couple is sharing. They engage with the characters’ feelings and make it easier to root for them emotionally.
Furthermore, the movies of this genre are known for their beautiful soundtracks that can attract people of different ages. The soundtracks have all the archetypal Christmas melodies, combined with some peppy crowd songs that help the viewers recall their fond holiday memories.
Overall, Christmas Cruise movies have proved to be a great idea and a successful brand in the entertainment industry. One of the reasons for their success is the fact that the audience can connect to the characters better due to the alluring background music, as well as the opportunity to explore and rejoice with the lead characters.

Connection to Social Platforms

Christmas Cruise movies have always been a major source of advertisement for the cruise industry. Every year, many producers use social media to spread the word and the trailers are shared on YouTube and other shooting platforms. This way, year after year, the genre becomes more prominent than ever and it receives more views leading to more success.
It’s evident that such movies have great potential to gain audiences even more in the coming years and there have been growing efforts to achieve this. For example, Cruise Lines International Association has launched a ‘Christmas At Sea’ campaign, targeted at raising awareness and registering more customers.
Apart from this, many marketers have been using the content of such movies to market their products to the users. Especially on Christmas occasions, the brands have been trying to capitalize on the beloved Christmas essence and make their companies stand out.
In improving their social presence, Instagram influencers and prestigious bloggers have also played a major role in advertising Christmas Cruise movies. Through their platforms, they have showcased carefully crafted stories to the public and attracted more viewers.

Popularity and Awards

Christmas Cruise movies have achieved immense success since their emergence. Many of these productions have been included in several prestigious award shows and the casts and crews of such movies have often found themselves the talk of the town after each show.
These movies have been a source of accolades for their writers, directors, producers and actors alike. These movies have grabbed the attention of appraisers from all around the world, as they often showcase some stunning views of the different landmarks within a single frame.
In addition to this, the success of Christmas Cruise movies is partially due to the background tunes used in the production. These special beats act like musical embers that create soothing and reminiscent feelings within the viewers.
Apart from this, viewers often find humor in the dialogues and story plots of such movies. The situation in which lead characters find themselves, creates a funny and festive environment and this has a great impact on the viewer’s reception of such movies.

Equipment and Technology

Making a recreational and joyous cruise movie requires the crew to adopt unique technological methods. To make a successful Christmas Cruise movie, the crew needs to know how to use advanced technology and creative photography to capture the best of what the trip has to offer.
The combination between the physical and the digital world has been used heavily in this genre and special effects have been used to enhance the quality of the movie. Advanced camera works depicting the ship and its surrounding have also been used in the making of this type of movies.
Moreover, unique methods such as the use of reflectors and diffusers have been used to reduce the blue or the orange cast of the sky and the environment in order to make a better frame for the perfect romantic shot.

Character Development

In order to make a successful Christmas Cruise movie, the lead characters need to develop strong relationships over the course of their journey. The director needs to ensure that the characters depict emotion and empathy in the script in order to make the viewers connect to the characters better.
One of the most beneficial methods of creating a lasting relationship between the characters is to come up with natural and relatable dialogues. The script should contain witty conversations between the characters and it should also create tension in an amusing way.
Furthermore, the characters should be able to take up the audience with their charisma. The actors must put an effort into displaying innocent and romantic emotions with subtle body gestures and face expressions, in order to captivate the viewers and make them feel something.
It’s also imperative to make the characters appear human and flawed, so that even if the story becomes predictable, the viewers can still relate to the characters and root for them.

Film Editing

Accomplishing the editing of a Christmas Cruise movie is a daunting task which requires great skill. During the editing, the crew needs to make sure that each scene is precise, precise and precise.
Furthermore, the visual elements of the shots may require rotoscoping and several other techniques. These techniques can help the editors portray romantic moments between the leads, depicting dramatic effects on the audience’s emotions.
Apart from this, the editor needs to ensure that changes in the music and the sound effects are harmonious. Additionally, all the graphical effects used in the film should be relevant to the script and setting of the movie, in order for them to feel more authentic.
Overall, the film editing of Christmas Cruise movies should be done with extra care and concentration. If done right, it can make all the difference in terms of the reviews of the movie and the overall success of the film.

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