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Overview of ‘A Bronx Tale’

‘A Bronx Tale’ is a crime drama film written and directed by Robert De Niro. It is set in the Bronx, New York in the 1960s, and starring Chazz Palminteri and De Niro. The movie depicts the interracial struggle between an Italian family led by a father and a local black mob led by a neighborhood kingpin. Both Palminteri and De Niro play pivotal roles and provide great acting performances.

The movie follows the story of Calogero Anello (Palminteri) and his life growing up in the Bronx. He has always been influenced by his father, Lorenzo (De Niro), who works hard and instills values in his son. Despite these efforts, Calogero befriends a local mob boss named Sonny (Lillo Brancato), who provides him with a different lifestyle than the one his father has been teaching him his entire life.

The relationship becomes complicated when the mob boss is gunned down and the authorities want Calogero to identify the murderer, knowing that it was the mob boss he was friends with. This leads to a conflict between loyalty to his father and loyalty to the mob boss. In the end, Calogero has to decide between becoming who his father wants him to be or giving in to the life of crime he is presented with.

Analysis of ‘A Bronx Tale’

‘A Bronx Tale’ is a gripping story of loyalty, loyalty between a father and son, and loyalty to a criminal lifestyle. This film showcases the duality of the Italian-American identity and the moral tensions that come along with it. It provides an interesting perspective on understanding the nature of loyalty, justice, and morality in American culture.

The movie demonstrates how race, class, and loyalty interact. The Italian-American identity is depicted through the contrasting characters of Lorenzo, the hardworking father, and Sonny, the mob leader. Similarly, the white ethnic identity is explored further with the young Calogero trying to choose between loyalty to his family and loyalty to a black mob.

In addition, the movie does a great job of exploring romantic relationships in a somewhat non-traditional sense. Calogero’s relationship with Jane, a young African-American girl, is unique in that it highlights the racial tension between the two cultures. It is also interesting to see Calogero’s relationship with Sonny, which reveals an intense sense of loyalty on Calogero’s part, while also showing the consequences that come with associating with a criminal lifestyle.

Overall, ‘A Bronx Tale’ is a powerful film providing an enlightening message about the nature of loyalty and morality. It serves as an effective glimpse into a forgotten part of American culture, one which De Niro has masterfully captured and presented in an engaging and thought-provoking way.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Features

A Bronx Tale is available on Amazon Prime Video, providing viewers with additional features such as access to HD streaming, multiple language options, and the ability to watch the movie in offline mode. The HD streaming provides an enhanced viewing experience, creating a more immersive atmosphere. Viewers can also view the movie in their desired language, as Amazon Prime offers multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. Lastly, Amazon Prime also allows viewers to watch the movie in offline mode, enabling them to enjoy it even if they don’t have an internet connection.

Awards & Critical Reception

‘A Bronx Tale’ was very well-received by critics, who praised De Niro for his compelling and well-crafted direction. Palminteri and De Niro were both awarded with a Golden Globe nomination for their respective performances. The movie was also nominated for two Academy Awards and one Golden Globe, winning a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture. It also has an impressive 87% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Gangster Movies on Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime also has a wide variety of television series related to the gangster genre. Some of the shows are based on real-life crime bosses, such as Narcos (based on the life of Pablo Escobar) and Boardwalk Empire (based on the life of Enoch Johnson). There are also several crime dramas such as The Wire, Oz, and The Sopranos.


A Bronx Tale is a classic gangster movie written and directed by Robert De Niro. It follows the story of Calogero as he navigates choosing between loyalty to his father and loyalty to a criminal lifestyle. Amazon Prime offers viewers a chance to watch the movie in HD and multiple languages, as well as the ability to watch it in offline mode. The movie has earned tremendous critical acclaim, being nominated for two Academy Awards and one Golden Globe. It is a great way to gain an insight into the Italian-American culture of the 1960s and explore the complexities of loyalty and morality. Those who are looking for gangster movies on Amazon Prime will be pleased to find a wide selection of titles, featuring popular classics as well as some lesser known gems.

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